If your Flickr creative commons photo is posted on Visions it will link to the photo’s page in your photostream and your Flickr name will be shown with a link to your Flickr profile page if you list a different name on your profile page I use it for the link). I also include a  link to the appropriate creative commons license (and, if the photo is licensed “share alike” and I alter it, I license my image the same). If your desire a different attribution let me know and I will change the link. Please identify the photo and Visions post when requesting a change.

What if you object to my displaying your image? Remember your creative commons license grants anyone the rights you specify. You have given up the right to object to anyone displaying your image (as long as they comply with the license). However, if you ask nicely and say pretty please, I’ll most likely honor your request.

Let me thank that countless Flickr members who make their photos usable through a creative commons license. They make my posts scandalously easy!

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