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See You Later Alligator…

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Some critters are safe and cuddly – think bunnies, puppies and koala bears. Some, while dangerous, are majestically beautiful – think lions & tigers & bears. But some are ugly and dangerous as hell – think alligators and crocodiles

Alligators and their uglier cousins crocadiles are not only ugly but vile. Do you think your basic Crocodylidae would think twice – if they think at all – before gobbling down a bunny, puppy or koala bear? Of course not. Those really, really giant gators would most likely at least try to devour a lion or tiger or bear. Just disgusting…

I don’t believe in a god and alligators are one of the (thousands) of reasons why I don’t. Tell me your basic tiger is proof of god and I might have to concede your point. Tigers are fearful in their symmetry. Blake got it right… But alligators? Right up there with bats, spiders and jellyfish. Any god worth her salt would have left these creatures on the cutting room floor.

In fact, now that I think about it, most all lizards are pretty worthless. If the Republican party were an animal it surely would be some kind of tiny, really ugly lizard (and Romney, of course, would be a chameleon).

We would all be better off if Noah had kicked gators and crocs off his boat. No telling how many species of cute and cuddly critters they deprived posterity. The man must have been addled (or some kind of crocophile…) Maybe we can at least get our domestics gators to self-deport back to wherever they originally spawned. Maybe they aren’t illegal aliens, but they sure are alien! The next thing you know they’ll be taking our jobs and nibbling at our kids.


 Alligators and Crocodilians Alligator in the Everglades

For photo credit, click on image. All photos subject to this creative commons license

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Fighter pilots with black and yellow stripes
circling around, dive bombing types
One, flies in for the kill
another has his back, just for the thrill

I am innocent, I was just sitting there
timing is everything, humans beware
Humble cologne, enticing-ly perfumed
or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, half consumed

Wasps, bolder than bumble bees
meeker than hornets, dropping to their knees
Either way, these annoying, persistent things
ruined my picnic, with their unprovoked, nasty little stings.



OK, I admit it – when it comes to wasps I’m a girly boy. They scare the shit out of me. I go into ludicrous, hand flapping gyrations whenever a wasp buzzes around me. At least I don’t scream (well, most of the time). I’m not sure why I become such a weak kneed pussy; I don’t remember ever being stung by a wasp.  I think its because the little fuckers just look so goddamn mean. They even sound mean.

Bees sting, too, of course; but the humble honey bee looks almost cuddly as it flits from one flower to another. All bees want to do is suck up nectar and fly it back to the hive. A bee isn’t gunning for me, she sticks to business unless I mess with her or get too closes to her hive. I mean, a bee gives her life to sting you so she’s gonna have a damn good reason to jab you with her stinger. Sure, a swarm of bees is terrifying, but one single solitary honey making bee in the garden just gives me a happy buzz.

Even big bumblebees don’t turn me into jello. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for bumblebees, a bumblebee sting really smarts, but these flying jumbos just don’t look all that menacing and they don’t dart around at high speed. Not like wasps.  Wasps are the the Mig-27’s  of the insect world. Given half a chance, a wasp will try to take you out. Wasp are evil – almost as evil as spiders.

Ugh! Spiders! Don’t get me started on spiders! Got bit once by a Brown Recluse. Bastard damn near ate half my forehead. Twenty-five plus years later I’ve still got the scar. I hate wasps, sure, absolutely,  but I really, really, really, really hate spiders.

But that’s another story altogether…


Wasps, Wasps, WaspsWasp WaistWasps – IchneumonsOutstanding Bumblebee – Bumblebees Bees, Bees, Bees! 

Photo credits: Click on image for link to photographer. Each image remixed by me, each image subject to this creative commons license

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And Dropped Down Beside Her…

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Here's looking at you, kid

photo by Thomas Shahan – cc attribution license

Do you like spiders?

Big ones?? Nasty ones???


think James Bond in his debut film Dr. No

Spiders give me the willies; i HATE THEM!

I want absolutely nothing to do with the scary little buggers.

But if spiders turn you on, then you’re in luck!

Flickr is just the place for you!

Search for the tag spider and you’ll find an astonishing 461,000 photos. Sure, not all of those shots are of the arachnid variety, but it gives you an idea how well you can construct a web of  spider fantasies.

Like a particular kind of spider? Search for black widow spider and you’ll get over twenty-five hundred hits. Wolf spider? Fifteen hundred. Tarantula? A whopping 20,000! According to Flickr, this hairy fellow is the second most interesting tarantula on the site.

Want your spiders in Flickr pools? Browse the 32,000 images in Spiders. If your thing is jumping spiders, check this group out. Really wanna know about spiders in Singapore? Here’s were to look! Really confused? Here’s a group for fans of the spiders made by Alfa Romeo.

And now, for the rest of us, who prefer our exciting creatures to walk on just two legs, here’s a nice blond lady walking on the beach:

By Brian Yap – cc attribution, non-commercial

Photoshop Sex

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I love photography. I love sexy women. Here are a handful of Flickr images melding my two passions…

Horny TreeShe DevilGladiatorAsian LadyDark Art MaskHoly House XpecieX DeeDee Sexy SpiderCatwomanBlur HamsterMistressThe Balcony Shaira DarkFallingGold Tamer

Flickr Artist: Dee Dee Deepdene

Flickr group: Virtual Girls

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Along Came a Spider…

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Do you love spiders? Do you find them cute and snugly? Just imagine how well a spider can hug with eight arms! For purely whimsical reasons, here are several Flickr groups with photos of arachnids:

The Spider Web, Spiders, Spiders of the UK and Ireland, Jumping Spider, Spider World

Flickr’s Best Spiders, South African Spiders, Spiders from Singapore, Black Widow Spiders

Amazing as it seems, of my 8,800 Flickr photos not one is of a spider!