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How Visions Works 



Created and written by Cliff Michaels, Visions is an eclectic blog covering a wide range of topics  (medicines to memories – photography to flickr – poetry to politics – art to architecture – Obama to 0rgasm – law to sausage – banks to breasts – humor to humbug – sex to more sex – lots of other shit to even more other shit). Most every Visions post is illustrated with Cliff’s photos or creative commons licensed photos from Flickr (often in remixed form) and posts frequently feature  links to Flickr photostreams, photos, sets, groups, or forums.

A plurality of Visions posts are about sex and erotica and often display or link to erotic images found on Flickr. They may also link to Flickr sets or groups of photos of a sexual nature.  A lesser number of posts offer progressive political commentary, Cliff’s memoirs, satire or parody, as well as  social and cultural criticism from a liberal point of view.   Read more.

To see all Flickr adult material linked to on Visions you must be a member of Flickr, logged in and have safe search off! 

Non members of Flickr (Join for free Here), or Flickr members not logged in or with safe search ON, while unable to view Flickr adult material linked to from Visions, are able to see all photos – including  those depicting nudity or sexual activity – displayed on Visions blog pages and all unrestricted Flickr photos,  and all unrestricted photos in Flickr sets and groups linked to from Visions. 

Why so many dead links?

VISIONS is not affiliated in any way whatsoever with Flickr or its corporate parent Yahoo, and no comments or other material on Visions represent the views of Flickr, Yahoo, or anyone other than Cliff Michaels. All photos linked to on Visions are the property of the original Flickr poster, and Visions claims no right to republish any such images. Images posted on Visions from Flickr, or remixes of any images, are subject to a creative commons license and may only be reproduced subject to the terms of  the appropriate license.  All written posts and  original images displayed on Visions remain the property of Cliff Michaels and may not republished, in whole or in part, without his  express written consent.


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