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Offbeat news matched with Flickr groups…

My Kingdom for a Horse!


Horse flesh keeping popping up in food. One of the latest guilty parties, according to news reports, is Burger King…

Horses in Need – Meat Club


A Devil of a Sweater


There are so many risks in everyday life: automobile accidents, disease,  pollution, falling meteors, bad mayo …  But who knew you had to worry your sweater (or other clothing)  might cast you into Hell!?

Sweater BondageHell’s Geography


It Ain’t Mothers’ Day for Sure!


You know your mom loves you when she drowns  you in the tub cause your dong’s too short… You know he loved mom cause he posed with her just severed (by him) head

Big Bad Asian Mama – Penis Cock (xxx) – Disembodied Heads


You want Fries with That?


A truck carrying ketchup – lots and lots of ketchup, wrecked in Reno. When the cops arrived and surveyed the huge red stain on the road they wondered where all the bodies were.

Tomato KetchupReno Rocks


There’s an App for That?


The iPad is  so versatile; it has hundreds of different uses! a New York fireman  came up with a unique new use: using it to bash his wife twice on her head. She was treated for her injuries at the scene  – no word on the iPad’s condition…

iPad Face NYFD

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Lapdog Press (Outrage of the Week)

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So, this ex-member of Seal Team Six, hiding behind a nom de plume, writes a tell all book about the raid that killed Bin Laden. No one made him  do it. He chose to make himself part of a major controversy. I also imagine he stands to profit from his labors.

So, his true identity becomes known by investigative reporters. His real name will lead to assess his motives,  his history, his biases, etc. His real name is also known by lots of others in government and the military. Wouldn’t you think his identity is newsworthy?

The answer to the above question, according to Reuters,  is a definite no. Read this article; you will notice the Bin Laden book’s author is not named. Why? Because some Al Qaida website called for his demise. Imagine, a bunch of jihadists in their pajamas in their Mosque basement  so intimidated Reuters it intentionally censored the news. By that standard, given Al Qaida’s threats to our President, I suppose Reuters wishes him dead since it regularly publishes not only his real name but his address too!! Has anyone called the Secret Service?

Based on Reuters new policy, we certainly shouldn’t name anyone charged with a serious crime to insure they aren’t attacked by vigilantes. Can’t name witnesses in trials to avoid retribution they may receive, or sports writers penning stories critical of the local football teams who faces the threat of  fan violence..

Photo by Torbak Hopper, subject to this creative commons license

Osama Bin Laden is Dead!

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Tits & Twaddle

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Is Visions unique? Where else, I ask proudly, will you find the perfect mix of cheesy smut and puerile political punditry? Pinups and politics! Babes and baloney! Tits and Twaddle…

Politics has just gotten too disgusting. The hope and change guy is reduced to a string of attack ads and the other guy just makes stuff up and hurls it back at the incumbent. And, of course, there’s the tale of gynecologist Todd Aiken. [Insert you own joke here].

Romney put a dog on the roof of his limousine  – Obama ate one in Indonesia (where he was secretly indoctrinated in radical Islam). Paul Ryan is really a fictional character made up by Tom Clancy and Joe Biden is a manic robot with a mouth straight from Mars. And we voters are so fat, dumb and lazy we swallow all this bullshit and beg for more. Please, please, cable news, tell us all about Mitt’s secret underwear and Obama’s diabolical plan to turn America over the the UN!!

A county judge in Texas (where else) justifies a request for a tax increase by opining an Obama re-election could lead to civil war and, hence, a need for additional local moolah to keep the peace. A candidate for Sheriff  in some unfortunate locale in New Hampshire says he’ll sanction deadly force against abortionists. Democratic pols, with an eye to the loonier segment of  their base, want to insure Chick-Fil-A doesn’t discriminate against gay roosters and sapphic hens (I may not have that last one quite right…) 

The late great senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan from New York once said, sorta, everyone is entitled to his own opinion but not his own facts. Not anymore. Stephen Colbert’s  truthiness reigns supreme. Now you can have a position, then find or manufacture the facts to back it up. Aiken and his ideological predecessors make up the fact victims of “legitimate rape” won’t get pregnant to justify their insistence on a ban of abortion with no rape exception. The Donald and many, many others take as a matter of fact that Obama wasn’t born in America, is actually a Muslim and is so stupid he  has to use a teleprompter to justify their belief he really isn’t the President.  Not to be outdone, those on the loony left take as bedrock truth the existence of a vast right-wing conspiracy, firearms are inherently evil, that sure death will result from eating genetically modified foods, trees flowers have feelings, too, and that every white child needs Ritalin and multicultural sensitivity training to back up their belief our nation is a bloody, barbaric  land. Hundreds of books come out each year proving the Twin Towers were destroyed by the government, Kennedy was killed by a cabal of Jesuits in the CIA, Thomas Jefferson was really against the separation of church and state, that Lincoln was gay or a monster, that Bill Clinton, or Hillary, killed dozens  of people, and that fracking (or gluten, or sugar, or liberalism) will surely kill us all. Believe Teddy Roosevelt was really a Commie? There’s an app for that!

Why can’t we all just get along? We are all Americans, after all. We are all, at least in our own estimation, people of good will. We all are dedicated to making our proud nation, the best country that has ever, ever been in the entire whole wide world, a better place. And we all of us believe we could accomplish our noble goal if only those unlike us weren’t as dumb and venal as shit & are only bent on destroying America, our precious freedoms, the government, corporations, the fur trade, the social  safety net, reproductive rights, Christianity, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Gays, the handicapped, geezers, and stay at home moms,not to mention our beloved canine or feline pets.

Of course if you were a real American you would agree with me! My truth is self  evident;  since you refuse to acknowledge it, you must be party to whatever fiendish conspiracy I know is hellbent on the destruction of all I rightly hold sacred and dear.

Oh, well… That’s just my opinion and I could be wrong.

For photo credits, click on each image above. Each image was modified by me, and is subject to to a creative commons license.

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Arab Winter

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Photo by OliBac, subject to this creative commons license

A Set by OliBac

How smart are the leaders of the Egyptian military? Very. They allow the masses to depose Mubarak, then they take “temporary control”. Mubarak and several of his minions are then prosecuted, but only the dying dictator is convicted. Next they outflank every political faction by consolidating their power, abetted by the Mubarak appointed supreme court’s dissolving the elected parliament. Finally, the army strips the elected president of any meaningful power.

So much for revolution. For anyone frightened of an Islamic Egyptian government it is time relax. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…

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Under the heading you can’t make this shit up,  Republican senator Jeff  Sessions, from Alabama of course, claims it’s immoral to support an increase in the food stamp program. Really…?

Of course he’s absolutely right. I mean, c’mon, you start feeding those shiftless, unemplyed folk and they’ll just breed like flies. Can’t they just grow their own food? They’ve got the time. Or they could shuffle down to Alabama and work in the fields (we could even provide reduced fare buses to get them there). Better yet. we could mandate agricultural work…

Or we could just eliminate food stamps altogether. Not only would it save tons of money, it would send a powerful message we won’t condone idleness. It would also up the employment rate; nothing is a better spur to find a job than a bit of serious hunger.

Of course the food stamp program isn’t going to wither away – not because Congress is so compassionate, but because the agricultural lobby strongly supports the program. Food stamps, whatever else they may be, are a form of farmers’ aid. You don’t kick farmers and their midwest Senators and congressmen, and women, around…



America’s Favorite Farmers Markets  – Farming Life Food Food Food! – Capitol Hill 

This farm girl would sure keep me down on the farm…

 Photo by ChenKuzi , subject to this creative commons license

Set by ChenKuzi

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My second cousin Wesley G. Worthliston, III, had his right wing blog Absolutely Right wiped out by a severe rat infestation at the server farm hosting his blog. Out of family loyalty I reluctantly allowed him to post to Visions. His site should be back and running late today…

Andrew Breitbart, RIP

First, I  suppose I should thank cousin Cliff for “allowing” me to post here on his dubious and disgusting blog. He left  out that my dad, the Big Two as he’s called in family circles, a big time hedge fund manager, had to exert considerable financial pressure to get Cliff to do the Right Thing. His omission of that fact is a typical example of liberal sneakiness…

In any event, here’s the Saturday morning roundup…

Scalia’s shocking revelation of the Obama Administration’s secret plot to force broccoli onto every American family’s dinner table has apparently stopped the plan in its green & gruesome  tracks. We must remain vigilant, however; there are credible rumors the government is thinking of mandating that arugula be added to nursing home lunchplates.

Should copies of the  koran carry warning labels?

Kudo’s to SCOTUS for allowing strip searches. The idea now needs to be expanded to applicants for food stamps and unemployment brenefits (at least to those socialist programs are eliminated). Oh, adding women seeking to kill their unborn kids to the mix wouldn’t be a bad idea either!

Has Rush sold out?

Romny’s support for a budget plan that only provides for a modest increase in defense  spending and relatively small decrease in job creators’ tax rates is just another outrageous example of his liberal Taxachusettes views. What we really need is a total elimination of taxes on the top two percent of the population until the Obama recession is clearly over (and then a gradual increase to  maximum tax rate of four or five percent with tax free capital gains). On defense spending, the need for a twenty percent plus percent increase is painfully obvious. Until our defense budget substantially exceeds the rest of the world’s nations’  military expenditures combined we aren’t truly safe.   How to pay for it?  Duh! Root out those socialist giveaways Social Security, Medicare,  and Medicaid!

 Should Iraq become an American territory like Guam?

Nuclear weapons could be the answer to the Iran question…  I suppose for appearance’s sake we should reserve the nukes at first. While I don’t personally agree, I grant the case for exempting Tehran as a target.

An Obama victory in November will be a sure sign of massive voter fraud. The plan to post militia members at “minorty” polling stations in blue states enjoys growing support. I oppose the effort to arm militia members with automatic weapons – small arms should be enough to discourage fraud (unless, of course, Obama’s so called “Justice” department attempts to intervene).

Is Osama really dead?

Thank God Obama failed in his attempt to exterminate innocent civilians in Virginia. Sending a F-18 crashing down onto a defenseless retirement village is merely another example of the muslim Kenyan born fascist’s war on older Americans. Don’t be fooled by the lap dog socialist press’s attempt to call the assault on the elderly an “accident”. Our valiant military is far to good to have one of its first line fighters crash in a residential area. Obama’s vile attack was only foiled by his utter incompetence.

Should labor unions be prosecuted as criminal conspiracies?

Finally, Monday, when hopefully my blog will be back, I’ll be posting two great articles: Should Income Taxes be Voluntary? and Don’t Impeach Obama, Deport Him!

Oh, and I want to make it very clear I am NOT responsible for any pornographic photos posted on this page!

Photo by Unalienable Rights…, subject to this creative commons license

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South Carolina Leads the Way!

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It’s become common for pundits and other elitists to sneer at state legislatures, especially southern state houses. Whether it’s bans on Sharia law, attempts to revive Creationism, bans of food containing fetuses, or draconian strictures on immigrants, many liberals condemn many of the “wacky” bills passed or proposed by Republican majorities.

But sometimes legislatures get it right. Take South Carolina, for example. In the Palmetto State Republicans have wisely proposed legislation that would forbid citizens on food stamps from using them to purchase snack food such as potato chips or Twinkies. Clearly, this bill is motivated out of the legislators compassionate concern for the welfare of the state’s poor. Frequently misguided, these unfortunates need firm guidance on what they should, and shouldn’t, eat to maintain their health.

South Carolina gives the less fortunate food aid and they should be obligated to only use this aid for necessities.  If the poor cannot control their profligate use of sugar, fat and salt, the state should step in and help them. Snacks, chips, lobster, and sugared soft drinks are obviously not required for good health. Indeed, their consumption could lead to morbid obesity, diabetes,  heart disease  and other diseases caused by poor nutrition (which would deplete the state’s Medicaid funds).  Should the law go into effect it will be only a matter of time before South Carolina’s  indigents are both proud and healthier than those in more indulgent, less caring states. Should the bill pass, it will be the state legislature’s finest moment in the last 153 years.

The only criticism I have of South Carolina’s proposed law is that it doesn’t go far enough. Food stamps recipients are not the only beneficiaries of state funds. For example South Carolina surely pays out tens of millions of dollars to pensioners. How much of that money is wasted? Surely due to advancing age, many of these idle seniors have probably lost the ability to make intelligent decisions when it comes to how they use state provided funds.

For instance, why should the state give out money that will only be wasted on bingo, subscriptions to AARP’s magazines, or trips to Las Vegas or Atlantic City? I suggest the legislature set out a list of forbidden products and services. Instead of cash, pensioners would be paid with Senior Bucks which could only be used within the state. Anyone selling disallowed products or services would not be paid and could be prosecuted. If the program worked it could easily be expanded to cover state and local employees. Of course, the state would need to deduct a modest fee from pensions and salaries to cover the costs of managing the program.

Should such a scheme prove workable it would likely be adopted by a majority of the the states. It could even spread to the federal government. Indeed, limiting Social Security payments to government approved use, and Medicare payments to reimbursements for treatment of  diseases and conditions not caused, in whole or in part, by the patient’s imprudent behavior, would quickly lead to a balanced budget and an eventual elimination of the massive deficit (even after additional tax breaks for job creators).

Some might ask why I do not propose applying the law to recipients of tax cuts. First, of course, a reduction in a person’s taxes is not government largesse. Second, citizens making more than $250,000 per year are obviously wise enough not to need guidance (as are corporations that might receive necessary assistance for government).

Frankly, I am confident my modest proposal based upon the wise actions proposed in South Carolina would, if universally adopted, vastly improve the lot of the 99% of Americans who lack the wisdom and intelligence of their betters.

One Sweet Treat I’d Never Give Up!

Photo by LB & Roberto Sena, remixed by me, both images subject to this creative commons license 

Roberto’s Set Victoria Secret Fashion 

FLICKR GROUP: Carolina Girls

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