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Pedantic Yammering & Humungous Mammaries

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Hope you bought national security companies’ stocks last week. Boston’s unfortunate 26.2 mile misadventure will be good for their businesses and likely bring you a handsome profit.

If you are a conservative pundit with your own radio, TV show  – or podcast – your ratings will soar as you excoriate the government and the liberal and medias elites for failing to protect America, giving that terrorist his miranda warnings, or refusing to send him to our tropical gulag. If you inhabit the conspiracy theory suburbs, you can raise cash by darkly impling it was all an Obama plot.

Of course, if you are xenophobic, you now have an explosive new argument t0 blow away immigration reform. If you are a staunch defender of the Glorious Second,  you can claim it would have been great if every Boston citizen had had an AR-15. Of course, Islamophobes are in hog heaven… It is sad for racists that those boys were white…


Then there’s West, Texas. Just a tragic accident. nonexistent inspections?  Please, this is Texas. Even the West victims don’t blame the company. Just one of those things. Could have happened anywhere. Who could have foreseen it wasn’t really such a good idea to store tons and tons of fertilizer in the plant – or build a school, houses and a nursing home within a stone’s throw of that plant?

Strengthen regulations?  That would only take away jobs. Jobs sorely needed by the folks in West. What they really need is fast federal funds to rebuild. I mean, unlike those whining folks in New York and Jersey who were hit by a little wind and rain then got greedy, the good Texans in West are true blue Americans and  are only asking for what they deserve – and to get back some of their tax money from the feds (and some more from Jersey, New York, and all those other liberal states where everyone has more money than patriotism).


Congress gets such a bum rap. Supposedly deadlocked, our brave and caring legislators rose up en mass and, in a magnificent show of bipartisanship, and did something about the senseless budget cuts mandated by the Sequester. With the across the board cuts crippling things like chemotherapy treatments for poor cancer patients, Head Start for poor kids, and nutrition programs for poor old folks, the Senate and House chose to give relief to the real victims of those draconian cuts: airlines and their customers. Who says  Congress doesn’t care…?

 Those cancer patients  are likely going to die anyway. Poor kids and seniors will always be with us (and besides, they’re just moochers). Businessmen – makers not takers   –  trapped in Duluth for three hours must be rescued from that near literal hell on earth…


I’m not going to mention gun control. What is there to say? 


Flickr Gallery: Beautifully Blue
Flickr All photo by Hannah Davies and remixed by me, all subject to this creative commons license


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Coney Island!


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Coney Island Mermaid Parade






TRADING PLACES – A Twisted Tale of Fat Fried Love

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I’ve posted several accounts of my youthful sexual encounters to this blog. Those stories are admittedly somewhat fictionalized (partly because of the amnesia of age and partly out of my shameless efforts to make a better narrative).  I believe these tales still matter to who I am today. While some facts may be smudged – or prettyfied – the essence of each tale, as best I can make it, remains true and a crucial part of me.

I admit being shockingly proud of my written accounts of these episodes of sex and loves: Gail, and my instant soaring lust for her followed by the worst breakup in all of recorded history of the entire known world.  Barbara, and my shocking answer to a simple question and the sordid hilarity that ensued.  Janet, the brilliant, tall redhead I stubbornly insisted on keeping as an ethereal fantasy, even in the face of her implied offer of sweet carnality. Janet Pilgrim (real name Charlaine Edith Karalus), the 1952 platinum blonde Playboy Playmate whose  airbrushed nudity dazzled the eleven year old boy I once was and made his underwear bulge for the very first time. The construction worker who, the first Christmas I was divorced, made a present to me of her body wrapped in a concentrated cloud of marijuana smoke, then passed out under me. The petite brunette who claimed to be a student at Hunter College then leased me her very handsome tits for a not unsizable contribution to her tuition fund one afternoon in a New York gentleman’s club (I left with a lightened step – much of my cash had fled my wallet).  Lorrie, who paid me three hundred dollars so I’d let her blow me. Elizabeth, the nine year old who triggered my first sexual awakening when I was the same age while we played innocently in her front yard. Terry, the tormented torch singer – and Star Trek fanatic – with dark brownhair and anguished eyes from Chicago who once told me, “tonight, I almost love you”.

All of those stories, and more, I’ve carefully preserved, like faded photos pasted onto heavy black pages in a gilt edged, oversized album entitled My Most Very Important Memories – Volume One: Sex & Love.

Not every sexual encounter I had in my younger days has been inshrined in that sacred scrapbook; Most of those not canonized have so faded from memory or exist only as a small handful of scattered shards I  cannot  reassemble nor encumbered them with any meaning.

But there is a category of memories which, while possibly meaningful, I choose not dwell on. Frankly, I fear these stories’ meanings might be too dark. I resist writing about them, not wanting to face a revelation too likely to puncture my pumped up sense of self. No. Better to leave those memories safely unjudged in the comforting recesses of mind than spread them out in unalterable script spread neatly across the digital pages of this blog. I tremble, too, in cold, black fear of how you, dear reader, might judge me should these memories I now keep under lock ever escape to the light of day.

But hey, to hell with all that crap – I just wanna write smut!  (Click to continue)
You’ll find more photos of sexy BBW Naughty Jessica, too!

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Photo by Jonathan Mast, subject to this creative commons license

Jonathan’s Set Around the Farm


Bulls “Bulls” – Bull Riding Tourists’ Bull

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In the Land of the Blind…

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When I was five or six my parents figured out I couldn’t see very well. Trips to local doctors and a national  expert in New York ensued and I spent the next several years wearing varied combinations of eye patches, glasses and monocles. These measures, together with weeks and weeks and weeks of “eye exercises” – after surgery on my left eye – were all designed to give me stereoscopic vision.  All of this was in vain. Later discoveries and studies showed after age three or so it’s too late for surgery, etc., to work.

Kids are cruel. As a first grader wandering around with a eye patch or monocle latched to my glasses (or both) I was, to put it mildly, the butt of my fellow student’s taunts and insults and mocking laughter. To this day if a gaggle of kids pass me on the street and I hear laughter I start sweating and revert to my seven year old self.

My monocle naturally wasn’t cool, no gold chain or anything. It was black and had some kind of cumbersome mechanism to fix it to the left lens of my glasses. I hated it.  There was once some photos made of me with my monocle. I pray they are all lost or destroyed. I look so pitiful in the photos.

Of course in the past monocles, along with rakish mustaches and top hats, were cool, particularly in the 1920’s and before. Monocles, as a fashion statement, fell from from fashion  decades ago along with pocket watches,  top hats and fancy canes.

Thankfully, by fourth grade I was no longer burdened with eye patches or monocles, just regular glasses. Now, after cataract surgery, I only need glasses to read.


FLICKR GROUPS: Monocle Mania – Vintage Monocle 

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Cold Dead Hands…

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Photo credit:  Bruce Osama, subject to this creative commons license

I don’t normally comment on the really big news of the week. Everyone else in the blogosphere does and I’m not egotistical enough to think I have anything original to write. Usually I stick to titty pics and pathetic attempts at humor.

But today I’ll descend into a mindless left wing rant. If you’re just here for the smut, scroll down to the bottom of the page…

Why is our country so obsessed with guns? More importantly, how does the NRA manage to block virtually any state or federal gun regulation? It is astonishing to me that the NRA can easily stop modest gun regulation supported by a majority of the country. Ever since the Tuesday night massacre of pro gun control democrats in 1994 no one has proposed any serious gun regulation in Congress (and the Obama  administration hasn’t either).

Here in Tennessee the pro-gun lobby is pushing for laws permitting the carrying of concealed weapons in church, at work, and at colleges (even if the school, or church, or workplace doesn’t want them allowed).  We already have a law legalizing concealed weapons in bars (what could possibly go wrong)!

I could, of course, cite the scads of statistics about gun violence in this nation.  I could cite stats on the way lower gun assaults in Europe and Japan. You, you right wing ignoramus, would retort with cases of gun totin’ grandmas saving the family and a screed on the sanctity of the second amendment.

Twelve dead, fifty-eight wounded. At a goddamn movie. Killed with legal guns legally purchased. Victims mowed down like sheep at slaughter. In a goddamn movie theater! In a state with relatively lax laws on carrying concealed weapons…

But woe to anyone crying out for gun regulation in the wake of the tragedy! Mayor Bloomberg of New York has outraged many conservatives by “using this tragedy to  his advance his radical anti-gun agenda!” My God! What a monster…

Anyone hoping that, at last, this gun massacre will spur the passage of common sense gun control is delusional. It hasn’t happened before despite uncountable violent gun deaths and it won’t happen now. And it most likely won’t happen the next time or the next time after that.

This is, after all, America where we praise the lord and pass the ammunition.

Photo credit: Mario Mercea, remixed by me, both images subject to this creative commons license



Guns & AmmoWe Like Guns Guns Make Me Moan Gurlz with Guns  

Doubled Barreled Babe

Photo by BillyWarhol, remixed, both images  subject to this  creative commons license

Billy’s Beautiful Boobies

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The Wretched Refuse

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The New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”



Liberty Enlightening the World

Lady Liberty

Statue of Liberty National Monument 

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