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Photos to Die For…

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Back in the day (whatever that means) I was a relatively industrious photographer. I’d climb out of bed on Saturday or Sunday mornings – sometimes on both – before the sun rode over the Smokies and set out to some picturesque destination or other to click madly away with my trusty and beloved Nikon D50. From January of 2007 through the end of 2008 there were twelve months in each of which I posted more than 200 photos.  The high water mark was June of 2007 when I posted 386 shots on Flickr (an average of 12.87 a day).

Now I’m a slacker. Since January 1, 2009, there have been only seven months I’ve surpassed 200 posts and only one with three hundred plus (April of 2011). There have been 21 months since the start of 2009 when my posts have numbered less than a hundred; the low point was December of ’09 when I uploaded a grand total of three photographs (and average of .097 per day).

To make up for my lack of vigor, I cheat by posting old photos, many from the set of my most popular images on Flickr. Isn’t recycling a good thing? Sometimes I just re-edit an old shot from months or years ago. I’ve got well north of 12,000 shots on Flickr. Who’s gonna notice a photo I post today was originally posted back in ’06? I tell myself if I re-process an old image – do a tighter crop, convert it to black and white, or use use photoshop to recompose it – it counts as a brand new shot, one I didn’t have to rise at dawn or leave the house to capture!

When I do shoot new stuff it’s often been on Friday afternoons after I escape  my office. I rationalize shooting in the harsh afternoon sun by telling myself I’ll only shoot in shade or post process the harshness away. Yeah, whatever… These Friday forays usually only last a couple of hours. In the past I’d often be out hunting for that one great capture for five or six hours.

Here’s a set of photos I  took yesterday afternoon. For reasons I’d rather not explore, I enjoy photographing in cemeteries. Sadly, I enjoy shooting there more than people enjoy looking at my photos. I don’t care. Yesterday I had fun driving slowly around a large Maryville cemetery shooting fake gravestone flowers, well manicured lawns, religious, guano stained statuary and old, majestic trees.


Cemeteries of the United StatesCemeteries and SensualityCemeteries and Girls Cemetery Animals

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Castles Top 20 CastlesScotland’s CastlesCastles of EuropeVersailles 


Photo credits (top down):, Andrea Mucelli, Werner Kunz; all subject to this creative commons license  

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By the Sea…

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Del Mar… From sixth through eighth grade I lived in that idyllic small, beach town not far north from San Diego. Hot sand, blue water, palm trees, girls in bikinis…

Sunset, Del Mar, California  


Del Mar & Solana Beach Del Mar Race Track — Del Mar Fair
Photo by Matthew Meyer, subject to this  creative commons license

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He Don’t Plant Cotton

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Photo by Brian Mooney , subject to this creative commons license 



Mississippi RiverMississippi River Bridges Mississippi River Flood of 1927 Mississippi River Flood of 2011

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Getting High

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Flickr photos of the highest mountain on the Planet…


Photo by Travellertheworld , subject to this creative commons license

Photo by Philip Milne, subject to this creative commons license

Photo by James C Farmer, subject to this creative commons license 

Photo by Andy Hares, subject to this creative commons license 

FLICKR GROUP: Everest Images

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Photo by MARKIZA , subject to this creative commons license

I’ve never been in a hurricane; not many of them are robust enough to reach east Tennessee. I do remember, however, the remnants of a hurricane reaching here in the 50’s or 60’s. The sky was marvelous and a bit frightening with jagged deep blue and gray clouds racing madly northeast like frightened animals.

Flickr is fast; here’s a small group of photos taken during Hurricane Irene!

One of the early stories about Irene described the evacuation of Ocracoke Island. One of the barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina, Ocracoke is narrow and not very high and gets inundated by any serious storm.

It’s a lovely place. In August, 1984, I fell in mad, passionate love there with a redheaded woman with wickedly captivating eyes. A year later we honeymooned on the island. I nearly met my demise trying to hang glide at Kill Devil Hills at Nags Head. Here’s a lovely photo, by  Jim Grant, subject to this creative commons license, taken on Ocrakoke…

FLICKR GROUP: Ocracoke Island

A set by Jim  

Finally, here’s a woman who, if she were real, could blow me away with hurricane force!

Photo by Connie Arida, altered by me, subject to this creative commons license

Connie’s set Lingerie

FLICKR GROUP: Second Life – Nude & Sex  

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Photo by Eduardo Amorim, subject to this creative commons license

Two sets by Eduardo: Estampas do Pampa – O Cavalo

FLICKR GROUP: The Colors of Brazil

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