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Offbeat news matched with Flickr groups…

My Kingdom for a Horse!


Horse flesh keeping popping up in food. One of the latest guilty parties, according to news reports, is Burger King…

Horses in Need – Meat Club


A Devil of a Sweater


There are so many risks in everyday life: automobile accidents, disease,  pollution, falling meteors, bad mayo …  But who knew you had to worry your sweater (or other clothing)  might cast you into Hell!?

Sweater BondageHell’s Geography


It Ain’t Mothers’ Day for Sure!


You know your mom loves you when she drowns  you in the tub cause your dong’s too short… You know he loved mom cause he posed with her just severed (by him) head

Big Bad Asian Mama – Penis Cock (xxx) – Disembodied Heads


You want Fries with That?


A truck carrying ketchup – lots and lots of ketchup, wrecked in Reno. When the cops arrived and surveyed the huge red stain on the road they wondered where all the bodies were.

Tomato KetchupReno Rocks


There’s an App for That?


The iPad is  so versatile; it has hundreds of different uses! a New York fireman  came up with a unique new use: using it to bash his wife twice on her head. She was treated for her injuries at the scene  – no word on the iPad’s condition…

iPad Face NYFD

For photo credit, click each photo – all subject to this creative commons license 

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Flickr gave me a Christmas gift! Three months of free service! First I waS elated. I had just saved over six bucks and I wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of renewing my pro account until October 5 of next year! Then it all came crashing down on me. Thoughtlessly I hadn’t gotten anything for Flickr – or Yahoo – for Christmas. Geesh. I felt like an absolute grinch. Maybe I could re-gift them with one of my less appealing gifts. Would they like a three layer, gluten free fruitcake!?

According to the bit of desultory research I just did, Flickr claims to have fifty million plus members. I was actually going to count them for myself till I realized I’d probably lose track at some point and have to start all over again. That happens all the time when I’m trying to figure how much money my pocket totals (in my defense, I usually have a ton of pennies and sometimes confuse nickels and quarters).

There’s a lot of crap on Flickr – photos not even the photographer’s mother cares to see. We live in a world where pets have their own twitter and Facebook accounts. I’d guess the average Flickrite has posted at least two or three dozen photos of her dog, cat, gerbil, python or ant colony. After even more exhaustive research I can safely report there are over 3.35 million photographs tagged “pet” on Flickr. Don’t believe me? Count them for yourself.

Don’t get me started on the crooked, often blurry photos of “my kid(s)”, “my husband (wife)”, “my shoes”, and “my bowling ball”.  It’s a mystery to me why people take and post snapshot of ordinary things, and people, they see every day. I don’t have a photo of my cat on my desk; I see him every morning and I’m not likely to forget what he looks like (at least I won’t for another five or six years). It’s mostly the same with my wife. I know what she looks like, too. If I had a photo of her taken ten years ago in a little silver frame beside my desk phone it would probably depress me to  think about how many more wrinkles she has now. It’s moot, however, since she refuses to let me photograph her.

But I digress…

There are of course good photographers among the fifty mil. After personally reviewing all fifty million Flickr photostreams, here are a few of my favorites:

Floralgal – Sergio MandalaybusPublik Oberberg Kevin MacnealBenjamin BjornBernie KasperHawkgenes Peter Bowers Arnold Pouteau – Ali ShokriLaura Travels Imapix


treegirlclick for photo credit & license

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My Old Friend’s New Friend is the Dear Friend of Her Other Friend’s Best Friend’s Friend…

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Sets by erotic photographers and by the erotic photographers who love them…

Sizzling Set by Shallowend

A Set by Shallowend’s friend Asian Impressions

Another hot sexy set by Asian’s friend Ikon Visuals

Ikon likes these photos from Eduardo Carneilo

Eduardo’s partial to Sabrina Dacos’ photostream

Sabrina’s taken with Hec Ochoa’s nudes

*1102 is a favorite photog of Hec 

Hec likes Rich Cirminello

Who’s smitten with Manel Garcia

Who flips over Lluis Carro’s shots

A G rated set of  Dunikowski’s fashionistas  

Dunk faved Bryon Paul McCartney

Who likely loved this set by Had3siA

Who probably loved this set by Bart Ramaker

Bart’s ga ga for Sol Lang

Who adores AliEN 

A fan of Jess& R

Who both like Christian Nybach

And  he’s an admirer of Photosmith 

Who’s fond of mostly tame Unexpectedtales

And I just love them all!

FLICKR GROUP: Sexy Girl Next Door

Photos by(top down) Shallowend, Dunikowski, both remixed by me, subject to this creative commons license

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Flickr Groups of the Day

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Flickr in the News!




Occupy Wall Street


Wacky Flickr Groups


Gum Stuck on Stuff


Salad Bar 

Wacky Rides 


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Flickr News Stand (7/23/11)

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Flickr in the News! (6/5/11)

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Flickr groups on subjects in the news…


Lying Politicians


Joplin Tornado

 Japan Tsunami & Earthquake

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