Some of my other favorite FLICKR artists

Even at my most delusional I know I’m not a great photographer. Every now and again I manage to produce a good photograph. Of course, as they say, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and again.  I don’t do photography because I think I’m great. I do it because I love it. When I look at my rather plain photographic “children” I love them all and remember their creation with paternal fondness.

There are lots of great photographers on FLICKR. Their images makes you gasp in delight; they pull you in and won’t let you go. Here are a few of my favorite Flickr photographers:

Ali Shorki


Arnold Pouteau

Laura Travels

The above four are just the tip of the iceberg. One of the joys of exploring Flickr is finding new artists whose work thrills you.

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