Visions has evolved considerably since it began it back in 2008. Originally limited to topics related solely to Flickr, it has become an eclectic blog about Flickr, photography, politics, erotica, art, culture, history, humor, Michael’s life and times, etc. The one constant, however, is this: Visions posts display – and link to – Flickr photos,  sets and groups. Many of the images directly displayed on Visions are remixes of Flickr photos with  creative commons licenses allowing modification. Most of Michael’s original photos on Visions are subject to full copyright protection.

Visions only displays other people’s photos from Flickr subject to a creative commons license. Visions honors copyrights and doesn’t post any photos permission. If someone else ripped off your photo and made it subject to a CC license, let us know and it will delete it from Visions.

There are a lot of dead links in Visions’ older posts. When anyone leaves Flickr, her photos often go with her (this is particularly true for sexual images).

You do not have to be a member of Flickr to see photos displayed on Visions or unrestricted photos, groups, or sets linked to from Visions. However, you won’t be able to see erotic photos, or restricted photos in Flickr sets or groups linked to in Visions unless you are logged into Flickr (join free) and have safe search OFF.


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