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KINKY QUINTET: Five Sexy Flickr Sets!

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One Handed Prose

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All photos by Sawomasak, subject to this creative commons license

What would the internet be without porn? Porn is ubiquitous. Online here, there & everywhere. Softcore, hardcore, weirdcore – video, audio, pictoral and text. Probably there is musical porn, painted porn, mosaic porn, telegraph porn, semaphore porn. Porn for boys, girls, men, women, TG men, TG women, heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, tricycles. Porn for necrophiliacs, emetophiliacs, agalmatophiliacs, somnophiliacs, and archnephiliacs (and a myriad other “acs”).

In short, lots and lots and lots of porn on the internet.

Or so I’v been told. Personally, I don’t care for any kind and haven’t since I was thirteen or so. I looked at an early Playboy and it seemed so – well – crass. The closest I’ve come to watching or reading porn sicen was viewing the early Lucille Ball films.

My good friend Micky, however, adores porn. All kinds. But, being of the old fashioned school, he particularly likes written porn. Tale of Two Titties, Catch 69,  that sort of thing. I consulted extensively with Micky in preparation for writing this post. He very graciously shared his extensive expertise with Visions. I must confess I blushed during much of Micky’s lecture; and I fainted once during his rather lurid description of the Internet’s better bestiality sites.



Micky said when it comes to the world of written porn plot, originality, character development, motivation, vivid and nimble prose and ultimate meaning count for very, very little (OK, for nothing…) Proper spelling and punctuation,  while preferred, are not essential. Decent grammar is a plus. Micky says there is only one  thing that matters to good porn writing – depiction of  at least four  sex acts per page. Kinky sex acts are even better. Multiple people kinky sex is best. The average porn reader, Micky point out, wants to spend no more time than necessary  (five minutes tops) reaching the story’s climax.

Written porn on the ‘net is mostly in the form first popularized by Penthouse magazine in the eighties in its readers’ forum sections: three to four page, first person tales of outlandish debaucheryl like, “boy meets girl, girl blows boy, boy fucks girl in the ass, boy learns girl is a tranny, boy blows girl, boy gets fucked in the ass, boy goes home to discover his wife sucking her dachsund’s delicious dong while her daddy  is watching). No redeeming social value unless you count efficient masturbation as a social good.

But, to Micky’s surprise, there is some well written hardcore erotic fiction on the net. This high class stuff arouses your brain as well as your genitals. I haven’t read any of it – because I am such a pure person – but I mostly trust Micky’s judgment; he minored in English in college back in the late sixties (he majored in Abrasive Studies).


So Wrong – the Collected Pornographica of Elsie – contains a variety of well written, thoughtful stories blending hardcore sex and surreal plots or characters.  The Summer I Learned to Fly, a story of bisexual incest between characters with surprising super powers, is powerful. Most  one handed porn is imminently forgettable, Micky tells me he’s still chewing on Elsie’s imaginative stories. Summer’s protagonist is a teen girl with cerebral palsy who is obsessed with sex.  Micky made me read this this small excerpt from the story:

It was a tough time for me. I’m sure it was hard for my older brother and sister too, but at the time I was too self-centered and wrapped up in my own problems to think about them. I was an awkward kid, introverted and perpetually self-conscious. I have Cerebral Palsy, which means my legs are twisted like pretzels and I need two canes and leg braces to walk; ugly metal braces that clunk with each step. To compound that, I was a late bloomer, compared to all the other girls in my class. I finally hit puberty, and it was like an F-16 switching on the afterburner. Paradoxically, that just made me feel like even more of an outsider. I got my period, fitfully and unpredictably, and I started growing breasts; small but sensitive speed bumps that made me feel like everyone was always staring at my chest. My sexuality suddenly made the quantum leap from occasionally having my G.I. Joes and Barbies play out unnatural acts together to furtive pornography-looking and actual masturbation. Lots and lots of actual masturbation.

I was impressed. Reminded me a bit of early Flannery O’Conner. I asked Micky if there were any G rated stories by Elsie. He just laughed. As he stood there I suddenly noticed his hairy palms and that his new pair of glasses had much thicker lenses than his old ones.




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Garbage on Wheels

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Flickr Search: “garbage truck

4,593 photos


Garbage Trucks

Cool Garbage Trucks 

Front Load Garbage Trucks

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All photos by Martin Solomon, subject to this creative commons license
His set: Arab Babes


It’s a sad, sad day when the hero de jour is Rand Paul. But, hey, you praise the hero you have and not the hero you’d like to have. So, Rand Paul it is. One Hundred senators and Paul’s the only one concerned enough about the policy of hunting down “enemies” with drones and its total lack of oversight. Rand Paul is the only one willing to stand up (for thirteen hours) against the Obama administration’s shocking argument that its policy of drone strikes against Americans is justified by a secret legal theory.

I’ve written before that there is no particular reason why that legal theory wouldn’t apply inside our borders. The weaselly non-denial  denial by Holder of any right to kill “terrorists” in the land of the (used to be) free was as depressing as it was alarming.

Oh well


It flabbergasts me there is so little concern about the extension of the Bush drone policies to Americans. You’d think a headline like:


Would rouse the Tea Party and conservatives as well as liberty loving liberals. But, not so much. I can only suppose the reason for the lack of outrage is most people’s  belief that only “terrorists” (read Arabs and Muslims) will be targeted. Only the Bad Guys. The Evildoers. Those Others…


But, damnit, its the government – with no oversight by Congress or the courts – that gets to decide who the bad guys are and  if they should be killed (and how). It’s some government minion who makes the call. We aren’t even told us about it. It may never be disclosed. “Nothing to see here…”

How in the world did our quarrelsome species ever invent legal due process!? I swear it amazes me. The concept that before the king (president, governor, legislature, mayor, cop, etc.) can do unto some poor schmuck she is entitled to be heard and have her case decided by an impartial decision maker,  is so strange it seems a miracle. From the Magna Carta to the Constitution there has been an almost inexplicable advance of due process as a means of checking power.


But even today – after hundreds of years of due process being  ensconced as a core legal right (see fifth and fourteenth amendments to our now obsolete constitution), every zealous supporter of every noble cause wants to weaken or eliminate  due process so her crusade can proceed without bothering with “technical” legal impediments. The cause, she claims, matters more than giving those people rights.

Rape is your big deal, so let’s change the law so the “victim” doesn’t have to confront the accused (too traumatic for her). And the children, shouldn’t they excused from having to testify at all with its resulting lifelong trauma. Terrorists? A real jury trial and all that reasonable doubt stuff is too risky – why, the suckers could get off!! Drugs are such a threat the cops shouldn’t have to get a search warrant. Why give that delinquent deadbeat utility customer the right to a hearing. We’ll save thousands if we can just shut off the power. We (the government or quasi-governmental units) are hardly ever wrong (90% plus of those arrested plead guilty) so why should we have to waste time, and money, going through all these pointless hearings when our goal is so noble, crucial and right!?

And besides, those deciders all fair people, right? Citizens should just take comfort in that sweet fact. “We’re from the government and we’re heareto help you. Trust us, you don’t need a lawyer…!


Rand Paul… The  guy’s a flake. Most of his positions are ludicrous. But like his father, he is one of the few citizens willing to insist the Constitution applies even when its totally inconvenient or seems in the way of some higher purpose.

Due process matters. The worse the consequences for someone (like, say, death) the more due process she should have. It should even apply to terrorists.

That’s the American Way – or at least it used to be….

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Nu and (un)Improved

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The Nu Project is a collection of nude photos of everyday women of all sizes, shapes and ages. Some of the pictures are sexy, some not, some inspiring, some not, some shocking and other not, some sad and others not. Here’s a short description:

Thank you for being here. The Nu Project is a series of honest nudes of women from all over the world. The project began in 2005 and has stayed true to the original vision: no professional models, minimal makeup and no glamour. The focus of the project has been and continues to be the subjects and their personalities, spaces, insecurities and quirks. To date, over 150 women across North and South America have participated in the project.  Without their courage, confidence and trust, none of this would have been possible. We are so thankful for their willingness to open their homes to us.

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Joe Kay, thirty, Barney Fife thin with an uneven receding hairline, and a part time bank messenger, was sitting   alone on a once red sofa in his one bedroom studio apartment. More than a little stoned, he had been munching on stale Tostitos, pickles and chunky peanut butter for the last ninety minutes. His snack debris: Tostito shards, smears of peanut butter and pickle juice stains, covered the once red couch cushions to his right and  left as well as the floor beneath his feet.

If Joe had a hobby it was day dreaming. He was very good at it. Tonight, as he had done on many nights previously, he was conjuring visions of his coming glorious success as a writer – an author of renown – with huge, record breaking advances; frighteningly beautiful women, naked in his bed,  weeping as they read his heart wrenching prose. His first Pulitzer – then maybe even a Nobel! For Joseph Kay the most comforting thing about his cannabinol fueled fantasy was his certainty it would all happen soon. He knew he was so close.

He was mentally practicing humility in the face of fame by giving a witty, self deprecating acceptance speech before an imaginary crowd at an equally imaginary National Book Award ceremony. Suddenly his marvelous speech was rudely drowned out by loud, really-bad-news knocking – pounding, actually – on the outside of his apartment door. Joe froze, suddenly afraid as paranoia slithered along his spine like a hungry python.

Jesus! It was nearly midnight. Who the fuck could it be?

Oh God! Was it the cops?



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Sex & Death

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