Cliff Michaels was born over sixty years ago in what was then known as the Atomic City: Oak Ridge, Tennessee. At the time of Michael’s birth the city, home to much of the Manhattan Project during World War II, was still shrouded in secrecy and bathed in deadly radiation. The government, fearing Communist infiltration, placed Michaels under house arrest for nearly a year as an Infant of Concern. This status was only lifted when his parents, desperately seeking to leave Oak Ridge, volunteered him for the Army’s now controversial Glowing Babies project measuring the effect of nuclear detonations on hundreds of American babies in 1949.  Sadly, Michaels never recovered from these early travails and today he is a both a liberal Democrat and a mediocre small town lawyer in an obscure part of east Tennessee. Michaels has collected a handful of honors during his nearly forty year career, but you will not have heard of any of them.

An amateur photographer, Michaels is a regular poster on Flickr, the internet’s premier photo sharing site (Yahoo’s attempt to obtain a restraining against him was unsuccessful in 2008). What his photostream lacks in quality it more than make up for in quantity; over thirteen thousand of Michael’s photos blight Flickr. He is overly proud of the three  score and ten or so of his photos that are actually decent.

Michaels was promoted from photograph  smoother to senior editor of Visions in late 2012 when the former editor’s last appeal was denied and he commenced his one to three year vacation. Under Michael’s guiding hand Visions was  nominated for best Greenback (Tennessee)  blog featuring Flickr photos of house cats in November of 2012. Visions lost to six year old Tammi Mae McPhee’s  Tumblr site. Michaels’ protest – he claimed outrageously the animal in the little girl’s blurry photos was not a cat at all but an underweight orange lizard  with deformed ears – was summarily denied and he was suspended from  the Greenback Internet Society for three years.


Michaels pens the first copy of Visions


Photo by e-monk

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