Flickr’s dirty little secret is the huge number of erotic photos it contains. Some of those images are artistic with models who are beautiful, some are flash lit beaver shots or blurry images of ugly people fucking. Some are forties-ish pinups, and some are bizarre depictions of obscure, revolting fetishes. With billions upon billions of photos on Flickr, you can find almost any kind of erotica – and hardcore porn – your lustful little heart – or other body part –  desires.

Visions will not display on its pages hardcore pornography (our posted photos are hard R rated – for the most part the kind of shots you would find in a 1960’s Playboy) but Visions may link  to a Flickr page that does. To see adult photos linked to on Visions you must be signed into Flickr with safe search off. Anyone can see Flickr photos which Flickr does not list as “adult”. Of course anyone will see photos displayed directly on Visions (creative commons only).

Visions regularly links to erotic Flickr groups and sets. With sets, Visions only links if the majority of the photos in the set are well composed with attractive models. Flickr groups, on the other hand, are chosen more for their names and the kind of images depicted. Unlike sets, groups linked to will often contain hardcore porn, much of which is very bad photography. If you are not a Flickr member, or are but not logged in (with  search off), you need not worry about stumbling upon a truly offensive Flickr image; it just won’t appear. At least it isn’t supposed to…

Of course, Visions offers many wonderful and inspiring G-rated posts. The only ones of those that you might find offensive are those offering Visions‘ mindless liberal political commentary.


Photo by Bruno, subject to this creative commons license 

Bruno’s Set Flies

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