I winced when Obama set out his gun agenda – not because I disagree with it (in fact, I’d go way further), but because I knew what would be coming from the ridiculous right. As I knew would happen, we have reached the end of America as we know it, the end of freedom and democracy, the evidence Obama is a dictator worse than Hitler, Stalin, Po Pot, etc.

They’re coming for our guns!!

N0. They aren’t. Nobody is even suggesting that. Besides, who exactly would come? The 2500 ATF agents? Let’s see, suppose 50 million households harbor guns…… each ATF agent would need to confiscate the guns from 20,000 homes. Since they are government workers, lets say each guy can make it to three houses a day (remember, each agent must search each home for concealed weapons and, if necessary, subdue any resisting household member)… Yes, in a mere eighteen  years every gun in America will be gone! Wait, the FBI has just shy of fourteen thousand agents. They could accomplish the goad in only three plus years! 

What about the army? If the army’s in the pocket of the liberal elite then the game is truly over. M1-A1 tanks, black attack helicopters, cluster bombs, and five hundred thousand guys in camouflage suits, kevlar helmets and body armor trump a bunch of Tea Party/Militia patriots armed with shotguns, semi-automatic rifles, molitov cocktails and pitchforks.

So, not only is no one coming for Uncle Bob’s – or anyone else’s –  AR-15, but it would be impossible for any government agency (other than the army) to do so.

 There are approximately 200 million privately owned guns in America. That’s before you add on police firearms. That apparently isn’t enough for the NRA. That’s only about two thirds of a firearm for each and every citizen – man, woman & child – in our great nation. What’s wrong with those wimpy hundred plus million? Don’t they realize the only way to be safe is to pack the best heat you can afford (hmmm; shouldn’t poor folk be given low cost firearm and ammo?)

There are actually grown people not in confinement and walking around who believe the Newtown massacre was really an Obama conspiracy created to allow him to take our guns away. Yes, I can hear Obama now outlining the nefarious plan to Joe Biden…

OK, Joe, here’s how we’ll get rid of all the guns. We’ll send black op guys to a school somewhere – Connecticut might work – and have them bump off a whole bunch of school kids with assault rifles – first graders would be best, I think, just imagine how those little corpses will play in the press. Of course, we’ll need to get the parents of the victims and the surviving school officials, and local police and hospitals to play along but that shouldn’t be hard (we won’t have to bother about the media they’ve been  in our pocket for years…) Then we’ll send in the black helicopters and our blue helmeted thugs to snatch all two hundred guns in this fould land!

Joe: Ahh! my dear Hussein! More of your Muslim Nigerian brilliance! Soon Amerika will be a socialist state governed by Sharia Law.

But for our Righty neighbors common sense doesn’t matter when the Antichrist is in the White House. Stampeded by the NRA’s shrill siren they’ll rush to their nearest gun shop, buy another few guns and a shitload of ammo and jumbo clips, then rush to the post office to mail their four figure donation to their favorite patriotic group fighting to save America from lib’ruls and darkies.

Click image for credit. Original and remix subject to this creative commons license

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