My XXmus Gifts to You


I give you Dave & Emma, and their seven sexy photos below.



Is one these ladies Emma? The blonde with that sweet angelic face? The brunette with those smoky, “come hither” eyes? I have absolutely no idea. Dave and Emma, in the time honored Flickr tradition, offer virtually no info about themselves on their profile page. Oh. Well. A rose by any name at all…



I hope you enjoy my gifts. Isn’t it nice you don’t have to unwrap them!? No torn wrapping paper to get underfoot and then thrown in the trash with those horrid yellow spotted socks Aunt Yetta sent you. Last year’s pair was blue, the year before that was green. In another year or so you’ll have the entire set… Of course, her gifts may be in retaliation for that gift wrapped box of Depends you sent her for Christmas in 2008.



Isn’t she lovely? Sorry, boys, the lawn chair is not included, but you won’t need batteries – just looking at her will get you all charged up… Now, what would you like to giver her?



Here’s a sexy redhead  for you. Warning: you must be  21 to share her glass of wine! She obviously lovess her overstuffed chair. Luckily for you, she’s equally fond of her overstuffed bed where she’d like to share something else with you…



Even if you’re not underwater with her, this girl will make you hold your breath. So what are you waiting for? C’mon in boys, the water is fine! So dive right in, I’m sure she’d be thrilled.


I have no idea what this woman is thinking about; sure looks like she deep in philosophical thought. I know what I’m thinking about when I look at her and it isn’t  Spinosa, Kant or Wittgenstein. No, when it comes to dead philosophers Epicurus is my man…



Sleeping Beauty. Sure, a kiss will wake her up. The really tough question is where to kiss her. Find Just the right sweet spot with enough sweet kisses  and you’ll  live happily ever after – at least till your Christmas tree finally comes down.

Original photos subject to this creative commons license, my remixes subject to this license

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