Wealth of Nations


Image foreground by Pablo Perdomo, remixed, subject to this  creative commons license 

VISIONS is not all that popular. We get an average of about sixty hits a day. Most of those are on the main page. Any post which has tits or boobs in the title, particularly with adjectives like huge, big, monster, etc. get a relatively high number of hits.

But the amazing thing – at least to me – is VISIONS‘ hits have come from well more than a hundred countries. Since WordPress began keeping track in Feburary, most of the hits are from America (4989), of course, with Britain (1013) and Canada (418) next but I’ve also logged hits from Angola (1), Uganda (1), Haiti (1), Georgia  (1), Sri Lanka (3), Moldova (5), Yeman (12), Viet Nam (3), Kuwait (7), Syria (15), Korea (31), Singapore (51), and from oodles  of other exotic lands.


Photo subject to this creative commons license


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