Blonde Blues…


The statistics are in…

74%  of Democrats are depressed. Nearly a third of those are now on Zoloft; twenty percent are in treatment. Four percent attempted suicide. Fortunately, being Democrats, none succeeded. Rumor has it Rachel Maddow has abandoned MSNBC and is now working at Dunkin Donuts, Chris Matthews is hospitalized for the vapors, and Al Sharpton spent nearly five and a half hours stuffing his face at an all night buffet.

Oh well…

I’ve reacted in the same way I do when my beloved Vols fall off the table – I just quit paying attention. At least until Obama rebounds I’ll follow the local school board election. All three candidates want to eliminate evolution, astrophysics and global warming from the science curriculum, and restore school prayer of course. The most conservative of the candidates, the Reverend Robert G. Lee, tells voters he will mandate Christian geometry, geography and grammar (thee and thou) be taught in high school and immdiately ban Arab invented Algebra (clearly part of the plot to impose Sharia mathematics on America).

For photo credit, click on image. Both images  remixed by me and subject to this creative commons license 

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