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Except when I look into my mirror (or yours) I don’t think I’m old. I’ve always been very good at self-deception. Inside I still feel young, not that different from when I was in my teens. When someone asks my age I shudder inside before answering, “sixty-four”.

One way cruel Parent Time (no sexism here)  has of mocking your desperate rearguard battle against decrepitude is by making all your peers look old, especially your former girlfriends. I was at my high school reunion just a few years back. Under the influence of cheap Scotch, golden nostalgia, and the mid summer soft twilight, my eye saw all those girls I chased in vain back in 1966 as still looking fine. As the evening, and my drinking, progressed the ladies grew younger and younger. The mistake I made was photographing some of them. The next day my precious photos were, I discovered, mere snapshots of a handful of plump women obviously pushing past sixty and displaying all the natural shocks that flesh is heir to at that age.

Its hard to imagine that my first adult girlfriend Kathy, a skinny brunette with bad skin, big eyes and small breasts, who awkwardly ushered me into manhood late one August night just weeks before I left for my first year of college in 1966, is now sixty-five or so. I haven’t seen her in – wow – forty plus years. She remains twenty in my mind’s eye. Gail, my iconic, intoxicating and near deadly blonde, is sixty-four wherever she is. That smooth, tawny skin is probably wrinkled. I wonder, has her honey blond hair turned gray? My first wife will turn sixty-five this year or next. The women I dated in the eighties have aged by twenty-five years.

Does they dare to eat a peach?

And Janet, my dear Janet… I fell in love with her my first semester at Swarthmore. Tall, she was, with long, straight red hair and pale smooth skin. Her smile was as sweet as her kind, sparkling eyes were inviting. I still recall the instant I first saw her standing with her roommate Beverly (who later married my roommate) in Sharples, the college dining hall. Meeting her that day was the first really positive thing that had happened to me since I had timidly tiptoed onto the campus a week before, a nervous refugee from Tennessee.

Someday (which usually means never) I’m going to write a wistfully sad (but brilliant) short story about the night in December, 1968, when I kept her safely mythical in my mind by declining her unspoken offer to sink into her dangerously real flesh. We remained very close, officially platonic,  friends from the time I left Swarthmore in 1967 for almost twenty years.

She’s turns sixty-four in seven days. 

I haven’t seen her since 1985 or so (when she was 37). She and her recently acquired second jealous husband traveled down from Philadelphia by car to visit me and my recently acquired second jealous wife.

Things Did Not Go Well…. The initial disaster (I felt like I was in a bad English drawing room farce and didn’t know my lines) was followed by an awkward strangeness between us that endured for several years. One unbelievable, catastrophic coincidence the next year cut the few threads of affection still connecting us. She decided I was a creep, seeing me as plotting to emotionally molest her eighteen year old daughter. I wasn’t,  but there was no way to convince her of my innocence.

 But that’s another, tiresome and overly long story. In any event all communication between us ceased. We haven’t spoken or written since 1988 or so.  This September, like a score or so past Septembers, I think about writing her or at least sending her a birthday card. I won’t do it, of course. I have no idea if she thinks the same each  May, before my birthday. We are, perhaps, each other’s slumbering dog.

I have seen a few photos of her taken in her fifties, head shots on the web for a counseling service she started. I have a hope (fantasy, rather) of seeing her again. Of somehow renewing our friendship. I know better, of course, but in my mind the woman who might welcome me back into her life is still an eighteen year old, elegant, fresh faced, auburn-haired beauty I swooned over that Fall afternoon now forty-six years gone. If  I do  see her she’ll be woman in her mid sixties; but maybe that will be OK, too…

She’s totally gratuitous – just another remix of a sexy lady (photo by Joe Nilsson, original and remix subject to this  creative commons license)

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SUNDAY SMUT #19: Hold Me Tight

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Studio Nouveau







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There’s a new Obama conspiracy making the rounds of  the right wing nutter websites. Yes, it goes, Obama was born in America – but his real father was a communist! This indisputable fact of course explains why the President is a secret socialist muslim…

Well, its time to tell some shocking truths about Willard Mitt Romney. We all know the lamestream media is beholden to the Koch brothers and the Mormon church – they will never tell you the truth.

But I will.

Romney is a closet polygamist. Aave you ever heard him deny it? Where are his other wives, you ask? All of Romney’s boys are gay – their wives really belong to Romney! Doubt it? You never see these women kissing their “husbands” on TV (or if they do there’s obviously no passion; its all for show). The family has never agreed to DNA testing of any of Mitt’s supposed “grandchildren”. The Mormon church embraced polygamy from its foundation; it only disclaimed the practice so Utah would be admitted to Union. Mitt’s a big time Mormon bishop and he traces his family’s Mormon roots back to a time when polygamy was not only accepted but was mandated by the sect.

Romney takes orders from the ghost of Joseph Smith. His mission is to mandate Mormonism as the established religion of the entire world and thereby destroy the coffee, tea, liquor and bear industries. It’s a little known fact Romney has a huge investment in the sacred underwear trade. When the church controls the world his investment will grow ten thousand fold!

Romney is not eligible for the presidency. He wasn’t born in America – he wasn’t even born on this planet  but on Kolob, a distant Mormon planet whose location has never been revealed (why not – what do they have to hide?)

Romney may not even be human. There are rumors – which we are investigating – claiming Mitt is some kind of cyborg programmed to say or do anything to become overlord of  the world.

Is Romney a zombie? Why has he never submitted to a physical by an independent doctor? Why has he never appeared shirtless in public? Why are his facial expressions so off?

I assure you each of the above statements are absolutely true and completely factual. Visions is not afraid to stand up against the Mormon mafia! America deserves the TRUTH!! 


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Is this the secret Mormon manufacturing plant for Mormon cyborgs? Was Willard born here?? Why have we never seen his long form birth certificate???


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See You Later Alligator…

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Some critters are safe and cuddly – think bunnies, puppies and koala bears. Some, while dangerous, are majestically beautiful – think lions & tigers & bears. But some are ugly and dangerous as hell – think alligators and crocodiles

Alligators and their uglier cousins crocadiles are not only ugly but vile. Do you think your basic Crocodylidae would think twice – if they think at all – before gobbling down a bunny, puppy or koala bear? Of course not. Those really, really giant gators would most likely at least try to devour a lion or tiger or bear. Just disgusting…

I don’t believe in a god and alligators are one of the (thousands) of reasons why I don’t. Tell me your basic tiger is proof of god and I might have to concede your point. Tigers are fearful in their symmetry. Blake got it right… But alligators? Right up there with bats, spiders and jellyfish. Any god worth her salt would have left these creatures on the cutting room floor.

In fact, now that I think about it, most all lizards are pretty worthless. If the Republican party were an animal it surely would be some kind of tiny, really ugly lizard (and Romney, of course, would be a chameleon).

We would all be better off if Noah had kicked gators and crocs off his boat. No telling how many species of cute and cuddly critters they deprived posterity. The man must have been addled (or some kind of crocophile…) Maybe we can at least get our domestics gators to self-deport back to wherever they originally spawned. Maybe they aren’t illegal aliens, but they sure are alien! The next thing you know they’ll be taking our jobs and nibbling at our kids.


 Alligators and Crocodilians Alligator in the Everglades

For photo credit, click on image. All photos subject to this creative commons license

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My Lovely Literary Regret

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Is reading an ebook as virtuous as reading a real book?

For many years one of my secret regrets was my failure to read more books – well, most years, any books. My regret was not actually deep enough to spur me to read a book. I preferred to savor my regret and its companion: a noble guilt which at least assured me I was a better soul than any of the sizable horde heedless of the joys of books.

 Then the iPad came into my life and I began to read books on its big bright  screen. A lot of books. Now, after about three months or so, I’ve read more than thirty books! I spend a couple of hours a night merrily reading away. I’ve read mysteries and thrillers and histories. I’m so proud of myself!

But now I regret my failure to read a better class of book: the classics, those deep and wise mountains of serious, if dense, prose from ages past. If I were a better person I’d read Plato and Cicero and  Hardy and Balzac and Kafka and Proust and Joyce and Elliot and all those other long dead (mostly white, European male) authors inhabiting the cannon. If I read those great books I would become a better and wiser person. I could pontificate and quote to my less learned friends in such a fine, condescending way!

And I want you to know I do deeply regret that I am not reading those august, edifying books. Someday I shall read them. I shall. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow but soon and for the rest of my life.

Till then I’ll just have to make do with  my lovely literary regret… 


Photo by Randen Pederson, remixed by me, subject to this creative commons license

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photoshop photo phun (BW – Hard R)

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Photo by Jonathan Mast, subject to this creative commons license

Jonathan’s Set Around the Farm


Bulls “Bulls” – Bull Riding Tourists’ Bull

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