Lapdog Press (Outrage of the Week)


So, this ex-member of Seal Team Six, hiding behind a nom de plume, writes a tell all book about the raid that killed Bin Laden. No one made him  do it. He chose to make himself part of a major controversy. I also imagine he stands to profit from his labors.

So, his true identity becomes known by investigative reporters. His real name will lead to assess his motives,  his history, his biases, etc. His real name is also known by lots of others in government and the military. Wouldn’t you think his identity is newsworthy?

The answer to the above question, according to Reuters,  is a definite no. Read this article; you will notice the Bin Laden book’s author is not named. Why? Because some Al Qaida website called for his demise. Imagine, a bunch of jihadists in their pajamas in their Mosque basement  so intimidated Reuters it intentionally censored the news. By that standard, given Al Qaida’s threats to our President, I suppose Reuters wishes him dead since it regularly publishes not only his real name but his address too!! Has anyone called the Secret Service?

Based on Reuters new policy, we certainly shouldn’t name anyone charged with a serious crime to insure they aren’t attacked by vigilantes. Can’t name witnesses in trials to avoid retribution they may receive, or sports writers penning stories critical of the local football teams who faces the threat of  fan violence..

Photo by Torbak Hopper, subject to this creative commons license

Osama Bin Laden is Dead!

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