This is – maybe, more or less – at least close –  my one thousandth (1,000th) Visions post. Yes, pretty embarrassing, I know. Assuming I’ve spent a mere 20 minutes per post (a very conservative estimate, to be sure), I’ve wasted over 333 hours, or just short of 14 days, churning out childish smut and occasional left wing, sophomoric drivel. Fourteen days... I could’ve had a two week vacation in Tahiti.

Here’s a nice set by Elmo  H. Love (all the photos on this page are his work – runied, uh, remixed by me and all subject to this creative commons license.)


Elmo’s one of the few photographers whose work I have ripped off,  uh, displayed  – on Visions who hasn’t threatened me with bodily harm. Thank god no one knows my address…

Elmo’s one of the better erotic photographers on Flickr. He’s not hardcore. No split beavers for hi. His models are attractive, well lit, and usually smiling. Pinups could be the right word for a lot of his photos. Here’s another of his delightful sets (caution – this one’s a bit steamier than the last):

Sara Solo Sex

Read all of VISIONS

Read all of VISIONS

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