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Lapdog Press (Outrage of the Week)

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So, this ex-member of Seal Team Six, hiding behind a nom de plume, writes a tell all book about the raid that killed Bin Laden. No one made him  do it. He chose to make himself part of a major controversy. I also imagine he stands to profit from his labors.

So, his true identity becomes known by investigative reporters. His real name will lead to assess his motives,  his history, his biases, etc. His real name is also known by lots of others in government and the military. Wouldn’t you think his identity is newsworthy?

The answer to the above question, according to Reuters,  is a definite no. Read this article; you will notice the Bin Laden book’s author is not named. Why? Because some Al Qaida website called for his demise. Imagine, a bunch of jihadists in their pajamas in their Mosque basement  so intimidated Reuters it intentionally censored the news. By that standard, given Al Qaida’s threats to our President, I suppose Reuters wishes him dead since it regularly publishes not only his real name but his address too!! Has anyone called the Secret Service?

Based on Reuters new policy, we certainly shouldn’t name anyone charged with a serious crime to insure they aren’t attacked by vigilantes. Can’t name witnesses in trials to avoid retribution they may receive, or sports writers penning stories critical of the local football teams who faces the threat of  fan violence..

Photo by Torbak Hopper, subject to this creative commons license

Osama Bin Laden is Dead!

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Tits & Twaddle

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Is Visions unique? Where else, I ask proudly, will you find the perfect mix of cheesy smut and puerile political punditry? Pinups and politics! Babes and baloney! Tits and Twaddle…

Politics has just gotten too disgusting. The hope and change guy is reduced to a string of attack ads and the other guy just makes stuff up and hurls it back at the incumbent. And, of course, there’s the tale of gynecologist Todd Aiken. [Insert you own joke here].

Romney put a dog on the roof of his limousine  – Obama ate one in Indonesia (where he was secretly indoctrinated in radical Islam). Paul Ryan is really a fictional character made up by Tom Clancy and Joe Biden is a manic robot with a mouth straight from Mars. And we voters are so fat, dumb and lazy we swallow all this bullshit and beg for more. Please, please, cable news, tell us all about Mitt’s secret underwear and Obama’s diabolical plan to turn America over the the UN!!

A county judge in Texas (where else) justifies a request for a tax increase by opining an Obama re-election could lead to civil war and, hence, a need for additional local moolah to keep the peace. A candidate for Sheriff  in some unfortunate locale in New Hampshire says he’ll sanction deadly force against abortionists. Democratic pols, with an eye to the loonier segment of  their base, want to insure Chick-Fil-A doesn’t discriminate against gay roosters and sapphic hens (I may not have that last one quite right…) 

The late great senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan from New York once said, sorta, everyone is entitled to his own opinion but not his own facts. Not anymore. Stephen Colbert’s  truthiness reigns supreme. Now you can have a position, then find or manufacture the facts to back it up. Aiken and his ideological predecessors make up the fact victims of “legitimate rape” won’t get pregnant to justify their insistence on a ban of abortion with no rape exception. The Donald and many, many others take as a matter of fact that Obama wasn’t born in America, is actually a Muslim and is so stupid he  has to use a teleprompter to justify their belief he really isn’t the President.  Not to be outdone, those on the loony left take as bedrock truth the existence of a vast right-wing conspiracy, firearms are inherently evil, that sure death will result from eating genetically modified foods, trees flowers have feelings, too, and that every white child needs Ritalin and multicultural sensitivity training to back up their belief our nation is a bloody, barbaric  land. Hundreds of books come out each year proving the Twin Towers were destroyed by the government, Kennedy was killed by a cabal of Jesuits in the CIA, Thomas Jefferson was really against the separation of church and state, that Lincoln was gay or a monster, that Bill Clinton, or Hillary, killed dozens  of people, and that fracking (or gluten, or sugar, or liberalism) will surely kill us all. Believe Teddy Roosevelt was really a Commie? There’s an app for that!

Why can’t we all just get along? We are all Americans, after all. We are all, at least in our own estimation, people of good will. We all are dedicated to making our proud nation, the best country that has ever, ever been in the entire whole wide world, a better place. And we all of us believe we could accomplish our noble goal if only those unlike us weren’t as dumb and venal as shit & are only bent on destroying America, our precious freedoms, the government, corporations, the fur trade, the social  safety net, reproductive rights, Christianity, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Gays, the handicapped, geezers, and stay at home moms,not to mention our beloved canine or feline pets.

Of course if you were a real American you would agree with me! My truth is self  evident;  since you refuse to acknowledge it, you must be party to whatever fiendish conspiracy I know is hellbent on the destruction of all I rightly hold sacred and dear.

Oh, well… That’s just my opinion and I could be wrong.

For photo credits, click on each image above. Each image was modified by me, and is subject to to a creative commons license.

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122,780 photos


Snails & SlugsSlimy SnailsSnails are my Friends – Gorgeous Gastropods

Photo by MAK506, subject to this creative commons license

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Tits & Spittle

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Sorry, but it’s time for another one of my dismal, tiresome political rants. I’ve tried for days to resist but I find myself at last overwhelmed by my baser liberal, left-wing, godless, bleeding heart, moonbat emotions. As a paltry recompense I’ve included a few decent titty shots along the way. Enjoy the text, the mindless smut, or both…


I’m mad enough to spit!!!

Paul Ryan? Really? Paul Ryan!?? You’re kidding me. At this point I planned to make a joke, but realized I couldn’t hold a candle to Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Jay Leno, or Steven Colbert, so forget it. Besides, for the country, Paul Ryan is no joke. A nightmare, maybe – but no joke.

OK, yeah, I’m a nearly fossilized sixties’ liberal (I would have been a sixties’ radical, but that seemed like too much work and dangerous to my future health and welfare). I came of age during what was, in retrospect, the last great age of liberal accomplishment: Medicare, Medicare, civil rights, the success of the anti-war movement, the birth and rise of the women’s movement and reproductive freedom. Liberalism was surging forward like an irresistible tide and I believed that tide would continue far into the future.

How wrong I was! Almost sixty years later that progressive tide has ebbed; liberal accomplishments, even those of a hundred  or more years of age, are facing erosion from cold, corrosive conservative currents. Even the very core of the New Deal, Social Security, is buffeted by the reactionary undertow. Paul Ryan, seen as a serious voice for fiscal sanity, seeks to reform both social security and Medicare and slashing federal spending. We just can’t afford not to, he tells us. The future of our nation itself is at stake! He’s such a principled budget cutter – just ask the mainstream pundits ( except of course when it comes to outlays for defense or the need for new revenue, and the promotion of Bush’s wars, tax cuts and entitlement programs).

Who would have ever thought, even twenty years ago, that the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, passed in 1913, would come under attack from mainstream Republicans? Animosity to the amendment mandating popular election of senators is no longer confined to the fringe of the conservative movement. Several current Republican candidates for the Senate espouse or support repeal. More alarming, no serious Republican has gone on the record countering the growing move for repeal.

The argument against the dubious 17th seems to be its passage undermined the Founders’ grand scheme of federalism by depriving state legislatures of their original Constitutional power to choose senators. By stripping states of that power, the amendment crippled state sovereignty.

The amendment was passed in the face of rampant corruption. Think politics are shady today? Our age seems pristine compared to the politics of the Gilded Age. Imagine a state legislature, in which a relative handful of politicians, can pick two of a hundred senators; and imagine senators whose only real constituent is that handful. If you think today’s corruption – including outright bribery – is less likely just think Rod Blagojevich (imagine your state legislature with a few score Rod Blagoieviches on the make).

Returning to legislative election of  senators would save corporations, and other special interests, tons of money. Instead of having to pour millions upon millions into thirty-three senate campaigns every two years, they would merely have to cough up sufficient political donations to satisfy a few hundred  greedy pols. Even better, this sort of campaigning could be kept entirely confidential. What the people don’t know can’t hurt them…

I wonder when we will hear the first Republican long for the days when only white male property owners could vote. Seems to me the restricted franchise was a part of federalism too. Why should the unwashed, teeming rabble who have  no real stake in the serious business of government be permitted to dilute their betters’ franchise? Shouldn’t determining qualifications for voters be entirely returned to the sovereign states?

And wouldn’t a real conservative federalist want to repeal the 14th Amendment as well as the 17th? After all, nothing did more to shatter the Founders’ original scheme than imposing the burden of compelling states to respect federal personal rights. Our Founding Fathers never intended, for example, the Bill of Rights to apply to the states. Only the 14th, and the meddling of the Supreme Court, caused such a disturbance in the Scheme of Things. Why shouldn’t the Mormons, for example, be able to establish their religion in the sovereign state of Utah?

Of course, let’s not even discuss the 16th Amendment. Is anything more inimical to liberty than the IRS?

When I came of age in that distant progressive age states were seen as nearly irrelevant and subservient to the federal government. The argument for states’ rights was largely discredited by its adoption by southern racists resisting the crusade for civil rights. The then existing broad scope of the commerce clause allowed the federal government to control virtually every economic and political sphere.

Now we have a Supreme Court together with a conservative movement,  seemingly bent on undoing seventy years of precedent. When lawsuits were first filed against Obamacare based upon an argument Congress could not justify its adoption on the commerce clause the overwhelming consensus in the legal community was such an argument was clearly without merit. A majority of the Court, however,  disagreed and cast an ominous pall over federal powers scrutinized by the Court in the future.

I was in something of a political argument with an acquaintance a few months ago. I jokingly asked him if he would give his life to defend Tennessee, thinking the obvious answer was no. I was wrong; the fellow declared he’d gladly die to save our Volunteer state. I was totally nonplussed. To me it seemed as ridiculous to die for Tennessee as it would to give my life for my county or city (I only regret I have but one life to give for my municipality!

Paul Ryan, and perhaps Mitt Romney (who knows what he really believes) are part of the forces seeking to return American to the Nineteenth Century. Perhaps they genuinely believe our country was a better, freer place in 1900. At that time the United States was indifferent to the clamor of women, blacks, workers, immigrants, and other misfits, for political rights and powers. It took the Roosevelt cousins, and the shock of the Great Depression, to shake things up and give the federal government broad powers to promote the general welfare.

Some cynics, myself included, doubt the sincerity of Paul Ryan and his ilk. Like their racist predecessors, I think modern conservatives’ advocacy of state’s rights and fiscal austerity  merely a cloak to conceal their true interests.

That’s what I think and it makes me mad enough to spit!!!

Except for small header, photos above by Shawn Perez, subject to this creative common license


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This is – maybe, more or less – at least close –  my one thousandth (1,000th) Visions post. Yes, pretty embarrassing, I know. Assuming I’ve spent a mere 20 minutes per post (a very conservative estimate, to be sure), I’ve wasted over 333 hours, or just short of 14 days, churning out childish smut and occasional left wing, sophomoric drivel. Fourteen days... I could’ve had a two week vacation in Tahiti.

Here’s a nice set by Elmo  H. Love (all the photos on this page are his work – runied, uh, remixed by me and all subject to this creative commons license.)


Elmo’s one of the few photographers whose work I have ripped off,  uh, displayed  – on Visions who hasn’t threatened me with bodily harm. Thank god no one knows my address…

Elmo’s one of the better erotic photographers on Flickr. He’s not hardcore. No split beavers for hi. His models are attractive, well lit, and usually smiling. Pinups could be the right word for a lot of his photos. Here’s another of his delightful sets (caution – this one’s a bit steamier than the last):

Sara Solo Sex

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TP (not toilet paper)

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Photo by  Tony Case, subject to this creative commons license

When I was a kid, back in the fifties, native americans, then known as Indians, redskins, red savages or injuns, were uniformly portrayed in movies and televisions as an aggressive threat to early America. Their aggression was portrayed as without any cause other than the injuns nasty nature. In TV shows, particularly, native americans were almost uniformly the villains.

 Why would they ever attack us?

Maybe they hated our freedoms. Or, as outlandish as it sounds, maybe they didn’t like us stealing their land and treating them as less than human.

Think the Cherokees and the Trail of Tears


TipiRoadside Teepees Tipis and Wigwams

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Rub a Dub Dub – Three Girls in a Tub!

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Bathtub Legs Sensual Bathtub – Bath-Time Hotties In The Bath 

Photo credits: top: K. Thompson, subject to this creative commons license; middle: Billy456, remixed by me, both images subject to this creative commons license; bottom: KHAOTIC, subject to this creative commons license.

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