Mammoth Mammaries!


The Visions staff sincerely apologies for our last post. As an explanation (and not an excuse) the regular staff partied rather late on Friday night after attending the grand opening gala at the fabulous new Titty Museum and Cultural Center here in Greenback. In any event, with no one in the office Saturday morning, our intern (internwhat a marvelous excuse not to pay someone) took advantage of his opportunity and posted an overlong and overwritten piece of sophomoric crap about the unavoidable collision between men’s female fantasies and the messy truth of real women’s lives.

We’re really, really sorry…..

First, most of us have been there done that (our intern still has pimples and only shaves in months without an R). Most of us crashed into real life years ago when our wives or girlfriends dropped their girlish pretense and started talking seriously about their need for couches, station wagons, sensible shoes and babies. We know the sad truth; we just choose to ignore it.

Second, the regular Visions reader is about thirteen (physically or mentally) and just wants smutty pictures. He never reads any text on an internet site longer than two lines and with words of no more than five letters.

Why didn’t we just delete this puerile post? Because we don’t know how… Bobby handled that and he’s on vacation in Zanzibar till November. Sadly, he forgot to take his Chinese knockoff  iPhone.

So, in humble penance, we offer you another in the long and ignoble string of big boob pix posts. Here you go:

Talk about your Yellow Peril! I just pray Billy Warhol  checked with his doctor before taking this babe’s photo. I could care less what’s in her head – I just want to leer at her chest! Here’s a sexy boobies set by Billy: Beautiful Boobies; and here’s another: Best of the Breast. We love Billy; we’ve posted lots of his pix before.


Remember Blue Balls?  Stare at this heavenly breasted gal too long and you might find yourself suffering from that teenage testicular torment. Makia doesn’t have any sets, and most of his (her?) photos are all rights reserved. What a pain – how selfish can you get? I mean, what does he expect me to do? Take my own pictures? Really! 

Here are links to a dozen of his best big boobies photos:

Emmanuelle – NatalieIrina – ChesneyCarishaSophie Nicole HannahEvaAlicia Abrianna – Vivian

OK, OK! One more and then I’m out of here. The church social starts at three. I’m bringing my renowned potato salad and a big pitcher of sweet tea.

Here’s a red hot beauty! Snapped by our reliable veteran SWO81 (funny, he doesn’t look a day older than 60), one of the many Flickr photographers Visions steals from on a regular basis, this image is just one of thousands of old Swo’s sexy snapshots. His  set of  photos of cuddly and concupiscent Cassandra might you curl up and cry in delight!


The original photos, and my remixed images,  are all subject to this creative commons license. For more information about the original photograph click on the image.


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