Cold Dead Hands…


Photo credit:  Bruce Osama, subject to this creative commons license

I don’t normally comment on the really big news of the week. Everyone else in the blogosphere does and I’m not egotistical enough to think I have anything original to write. Usually I stick to titty pics and pathetic attempts at humor.

But today I’ll descend into a mindless left wing rant. If you’re just here for the smut, scroll down to the bottom of the page…

Why is our country so obsessed with guns? More importantly, how does the NRA manage to block virtually any state or federal gun regulation? It is astonishing to me that the NRA can easily stop modest gun regulation supported by a majority of the country. Ever since the Tuesday night massacre of pro gun control democrats in 1994 no one has proposed any serious gun regulation in Congress (and the Obama  administration hasn’t either).

Here in Tennessee the pro-gun lobby is pushing for laws permitting the carrying of concealed weapons in church, at work, and at colleges (even if the school, or church, or workplace doesn’t want them allowed).  We already have a law legalizing concealed weapons in bars (what could possibly go wrong)!

I could, of course, cite the scads of statistics about gun violence in this nation.  I could cite stats on the way lower gun assaults in Europe and Japan. You, you right wing ignoramus, would retort with cases of gun totin’ grandmas saving the family and a screed on the sanctity of the second amendment.

Twelve dead, fifty-eight wounded. At a goddamn movie. Killed with legal guns legally purchased. Victims mowed down like sheep at slaughter. In a goddamn movie theater! In a state with relatively lax laws on carrying concealed weapons…

But woe to anyone crying out for gun regulation in the wake of the tragedy! Mayor Bloomberg of New York has outraged many conservatives by “using this tragedy to  his advance his radical anti-gun agenda!” My God! What a monster…

Anyone hoping that, at last, this gun massacre will spur the passage of common sense gun control is delusional. It hasn’t happened before despite uncountable violent gun deaths and it won’t happen now. And it most likely won’t happen the next time or the next time after that.

This is, after all, America where we praise the lord and pass the ammunition.

Photo credit: Mario Mercea, remixed by me, both images subject to this creative commons license



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