Croon a Little Tune for Me


You know you’re unacceptably old when most of the cultural icons who were in their heyday when you came of age are now gone, buried and forgotten.  Here a a trio of crooners who were big when I was in my teens…

My father was a huge Frank Sinatra fan. The singer was wildly famous when my father was in his twenties. By the time I was in my early twenties Sinatra’s career had  dropped off and then rebounded. The terrible, dark secret of my teens and early twenties: I cared little for rock. I loved old Blue Eye. What styling, what a tough, sexy, silky voice…

You Make Me Feel So Young


Unlike Sinatra, Bing Crosby seemed passe to me in the 1960’s. I’d seen a few of his films with Bob Hope, but I confess I didn’t really appreciate his singing until later. While I didn’t know it in the 60’s, Crosby was a fan of many black performers and would often drop into black clubs to listen – and learn – from the great black singers of the era. This song is forever burned into my brain:

White Christmas 


Dean Martin was a constant television presence when I was growing up. Long teamed with Jerry Lewis in one of America’s favorite comedy teams, Martin had a successful solo career as a singer, actor and television variety show host (and member of the Rat Pack). His first You Tube listing is…

That’s Amore



My Sinatra Group Why Are There No Frank Sinatra Groups? Dean Martin: The King of Cool – 1940 – 1949

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