Big Boobs of the Day!


Mitt Romney. You’re going to see this name a lot. A whole lot. On the other hand, I might decide to retire his jersey and put him in the Boobs Hall of Shame. It takes guts to first tout your career at Bain as a prime reason you can goose the economy if elected; and then shamelessly cry foul when you opponent makes that career an issue. Mitt also gets an honorable mention for once again refusing to release any more tax returns – he’s definitely not a chip off the old block.

Tom Cruise. Another guy who has gone professional. It isn’t just that he’s a devotee of Scientology, it isn’t because he jumps up and down on Oprah’s  couch, this time it’s for letting Katie Holmes get away. On the other hand he just kills in Rock of Ages… I feel a little guilty making him a boob – there are so many other worthy candidates in Hollywood…

Rush Limbaugh. Rushbo  is the first recipient of Visions’ Lifetime Achievement Award. His acts of outrageous boobism would fill two or three volumes (in very small print). He’s earned his position at the apex of boobishness over and over and over again. His best trait? He constantly tops himself in gold standard boobery. I thought about naming every single pundit on Fox News instead…



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