Love It or Leave it – Just Don’t Blog About It…


It’a July Fourth… How many blog posts do you suppose have been (will be) written about our Independence Day? 10,000? 100.000?? 1,000,000???

Anyway, a lot

Some posts will trumpet American Exceptionalism. Some will lament America’s decline or its descent into barbarism. Some will be funny or cute; and some will be grimly serious. Some will be insightful, some jejune. Almost all of them will cover ground thoroughly plowed   hundreds and hundreds of times in the past.

So I’m going to pass.

I’m not going to scribble any fiery patriotic screed, nor pen any left wing outrage or deeply sorrowful lament. No, I’m just going to lounge around in my underwear, eat burgers, watch some sports, and maybe catch some fireworks. Perhaps I’ll guzzle a beer or two (or more).  Scratch my oversized gut and fly the flag.

But I shallll not pontificate on this the 236th birthday of America. You can do that on your obscure blog and add to the myriad of unread posts scarring the Internet this hot and glorious July day. Have at it.

Just don’t expect me to read it. I’ve read it all before….


Photo credits top: Chip York, bottom: Bernd Stoite, both subject to this creative commons license


American Flag FireworksHot DogsHamurgers  Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet


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