My Old Friend’s New Friend is the Dear Friend of Her Other Friend’s Best Friend’s Friend…


Sets by erotic photographers and by the erotic photographers who love them…

Sizzling Set by Shallowend

A Set by Shallowend’s friend Asian Impressions

Another hot sexy set by Asian’s friend Ikon Visuals

Ikon likes these photos from Eduardo Carneilo

Eduardo’s partial to Sabrina Dacos’ photostream

Sabrina’s taken with Hec Ochoa’s nudes

*1102 is a favorite photog of Hec 

Hec likes Rich Cirminello

Who’s smitten with Manel Garcia

Who flips over Lluis Carro’s shots

A G rated set of  Dunikowski’s fashionistas  

Dunk faved Bryon Paul McCartney

Who likely loved this set by Had3siA

Who probably loved this set by Bart Ramaker

Bart’s ga ga for Sol Lang

Who adores AliEN 

A fan of Jess& R

Who both like Christian Nybach

And  he’s an admirer of Photosmith 

Who’s fond of mostly tame Unexpectedtales

And I just love them all!

FLICKR GROUP: Sexy Girl Next Door

Photos by(top down) Shallowend, Dunikowski, both remixed by me, subject to this creative commons license

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