Under the heading you can’t make this shit up,  Republican senator Jeff  Sessions, from Alabama of course, claims it’s immoral to support an increase in the food stamp program. Really…?

Of course he’s absolutely right. I mean, c’mon, you start feeding those shiftless, unemplyed folk and they’ll just breed like flies. Can’t they just grow their own food? They’ve got the time. Or they could shuffle down to Alabama and work in the fields (we could even provide reduced fare buses to get them there). Better yet. we could mandate agricultural work…

Or we could just eliminate food stamps altogether. Not only would it save tons of money, it would send a powerful message we won’t condone idleness. It would also up the employment rate; nothing is a better spur to find a job than a bit of serious hunger.

Of course the food stamp program isn’t going to wither away – not because Congress is so compassionate, but because the agricultural lobby strongly supports the program. Food stamps, whatever else they may be, are a form of farmers’ aid. You don’t kick farmers and their midwest Senators and congressmen, and women, around…



America’s Favorite Farmers Markets  – Farming Life Food Food Food! – Capitol Hill 

This farm girl would sure keep me down on the farm…

 Photo by ChenKuzi , subject to this creative commons license

Set by ChenKuzi

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