On Wisconsin!


The results from Wisconsin were not good. Swamped by an avalanche of Republican money and an electorate that vaguely disapproved of the recall effort, progressives took it on the chin. Unions took another body blow and in one of the most liberal states in the nation an unpopular right wing Republican won by seven points.

A chilly prediction for this Fall? Combined with the gathering economic storms over Europe and China, the obstructionist havoc wrought by the Republicans in congress, and the tsunami of cash pouring into conservative coffers, it is beginning to look ominous for Obasma and Democrats.

Andrew Sullivan (one of Vision’s favorite bloggers), and other pundits, decry what they see as a suicidal dash to the far right by the GOP.  They predict the GOP will wither into a rump party of aging southern whites. So far these predictions have proved laughably false. Not only is the GOP not dying, it now controls a majority of the states and the House. If the economy continues to worsen, and given the Citizens United flood of Republican campaign money, Republicans could well capture both the White House and the Senate.

If the above prospect comes to pass, do you think the Democratic minority in the Senate will use the filibuster in the same effective way as the current Republicans? Don’t count on it. First, the Democrats are far less cohesive; it will be easier for the Republican majority to pick up defectors. Second, I have no doubt if the minority does attempt the same sort of tactics now used by the Republicans, the GOP will quickly curtail the minority’s right to stonewall legislation.

With the GOP in control of every branch of the federal government, Congress will mirror the right wing controlled state legislatures. If that happens, Obamacare and the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell are doomed. Social Security and Medicare will be gutted. More funds will be thrown into the Military maw. Taxes will be slashed on the well to d (and raised on the middle class). We’ll see an avalanche of legislation aimed at devastating abortion rights, and unions, and the Democratic party itself.  Legislation to prevent voter fraud will place high hurdles minority voters will need to jump over to register or vote (for a preview check out the efforts of Florida Republicans to reform voting).

Then, if the GOP gets lucky, the next few years will see the economy rebound (despite Republican mismanagement) and the Grand Old Party, rather than withering away, will remain in control for the foreseeable future.

Oh, well, we progressives (the politically correct term for us unabashed liberals these days) will be able to console ourselves by drinking our over-priced  lattes, devouring our chilled arugula, reading the News York Times, and watching Rachel and Ed (and Olbermann reruns), at least until the Republicans reform cable television…


A Wisconsin couple, honest…


Wisconsin Barns WisconsinWisconsin WildflowersWisconsin Wildlife – Wisconsin Models 


Photos (top to bottom) by sdharwadker, Bryan Thompson, both subject to this creative commons license

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