What is it with hair? Long, stringy stuff originally, I suppose, evolved to keep us humans warm as we moved north. Now, in women, it  often sends a strong sexual signal. Whether blond, red, or brown, a luxurious mass of hair is, for most of us, a turn on. I’d guess a woman’s hair is a signal to men of her overall health.

The first woman I reverently worshipped had a glorious main of  long, straight red hair that flowed down in a wide sheet to just above her waist. I could look at it for hours. It seemed to mirror how I thought she was: perfect and serene. Of course, I learned years later she was nothing of the sort. By then she had much shorter hair and a second husband (who was no fan of mine…)

On the other hand, the woman with the most potent sexuality in my life had extremely short brown hair; she was just shy of bald. It suited her, however, complimenting her large, liquid brown eyes and her pale skin. Frankly, however, I support most of my time worshipping mostly her body, particularly when it was bare…

I’ve written before my first blonde. Suffice it to say that while her green eyes were her strongest feature, her medium long swirl of honey blond locks was certainly part of her near lethal allure.

Anyway, like most guys I know, I go Gaga for hair


Hair in MotionHair Self PortraitsCurly HairWater Hair Women with Very Long Hair


Photos by Bill Hume, remixed by me, all images subject to this creative commons license

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