Creepy Cake


“Hey Cliff – come look at this,” my secretary yelled. Our offices are about twenty-five feet apart, but when she gets excited she forgets about the intercom.

“What?” I yelled back, annoyed by her interruption of my work.

“Come here!” Thinking there must be something wrong I left my desk and walked quickly to her office. “You won’t believe this”, she said, not looking up from her computer monitor. I squeezed behind her and peered down at the small screen. “It’s a coffin cake,” she said as I was trying to puzzle out what I was seeing.

So it was. A large, long cake, made in the shape of a an open coffin with the body of a man inside. The icing on the cake was colored to make the image of the deceased (and flowers around him in the coffin as well). Around the life sized coffin cake sat a few mourners waiting in grey metal folding chairs, I suppose, for this creepy pastry of poor dead Mortimer to be sliced and served to them on somber paper plates.

Unbelievable. The Internet reflects a very odd world…


Coffins Undertakers, Funeral Parlors, etc.Funerals  – Cake, Have it and Eat it TooCakes in Black & White  

Photo by Zimpenfish, subject to this creative commons license
One of his sets

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