Boob versus Boob


The end of the Republican presidential primaries silly season is deflating. I mourn the death of the campaigns of such ridiculous candidates as Bachmann, Cain, Perry, Santorum and Gingrich. It is frankly amazing it took Romney so long to vanquish his lilliputian foes.

So now on to the six month slog to November. Now we deal with the serious issues: who was meaner to dogs, who’s the undeserving celebrity, and was it Obama’s fault the stock market tanked and jobs melted like April snow in the six months before and after he took office?

Evangelicals will hold their noses and back Romney; progressives will hold theirs and back Obama. Each candidate will spend multi millions on ads and third parties may spends double what the candidates do. Both camps have already gone negative and we ain’t seen nothing yet. By election day “none of the above” might win if it were only on the ballot…

Here’s a sizzling set by Ant_777 that will take your mind of  politics! 

If, like the author of Visions, you have the infantile mind of a thirteen year old male…

You might like this group, too!   

Photo by Bill Hume, remixed by me, both images subject to this creative commons license

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One Response to “Boob versus Boob”

  1. Bill Hume Says:

    Oh Dear, what have you done to my lovely, petite redheaded model.
    I think she looks better unaltered. Still, that’s creativre commons licence for you.
    I’m unable to comment on the political views on this site, as I live in Scotland and really don’t care much for American politics.
    I do, however, care a great deal for America.
    I can only hope you elect a better President than your big bucks electoral system sometimes produces.

    Kindest regards from Scotland,
    Bill Hume.

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