Then Was Then & Now Is Now


The above photo isn’t from Flickr. I found it on a site of vintage photographs. There’s no credit listed since the image is clearly in the public domain (it was taken in 1905).

If we assume the fair maids in the shot were eighteen at the time, they would have been born in 1887 or so. They would each be 125 years old now. For them WWI started when they were 27, the Great Depression when they were 46; their age at the end of WWII was 58. When I was twenty they were 81. Surely by 1990 or so they were all dead.

During their lives they saw the invention of the automobile, movies, the air plane, penicillin, the telephone, radio, television, and the digital computer. They lived through two world wars, the struggle for civil rights by blacks and women, the cold war, Beatlemania, and Watergate.

How many children did each of them have? Did they have jobs or careers? What did they read? What did they believe? Who did they love…?

I wonder what they thought about the tumult they lived through. Did they embrace the vast changes they saw; or did they seek to hide from their future (our past)?

The beach loving ladies below were most likely born somewhere around 1994. Assuming a life expectancy of 80 years, they will live to see the 2070’s. What will they live through? What triumphs and tragedies will they experience; what miracles will they see? Will their lves mirror their great grandmothers’ or follow a  completely different path?

Photo by Jacrews7, remixed by me, subject to this creative commons license 

Jacrews7’s Set The Girl Nest Door 


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