Too Damn Good


There are entirely too many really, really good photographers on Flickr. I try to avoid them. If I look at their work I get an urge to sell my cameras and take up wild fern collecting. It’s not fair. There should be a rule that no one better than me can post on Flickr – or maybe there should be a separate and restricted section for these killjoys so us pedestrian Flickr photographers can safely avoid them.

I mean, really, take Bogna Patrycja Altman for example. His keen sense of composition is depressing. Here’s a set of his, but I warn you it might make you throw up, the shots are that good.

Then there’s Vilhjálmur Ingi Vilhjálmsson. I’ve written Flickr demanding his photos be banned. Not only is his oeuvre impressive, but he’s in Iceland, possibly the most photogenic country in the world. Looking at this set put me back in therapy.

Don’t get me started about Philipp Klinger. I’ve been on Flickr six years, posted over 11,600 photos. Not one of those shots has been faved 500 times. No, the best I’ve got is a paltry one fifty something. But Klinger’s got sixty-three photographs with 500+ faves. Shoot the man…

When I’m stuck in a masochistic mood and just want to feel really, really bad  I sneak a peep at Michael Poliza’s photostream. He’s a nature and wildlife photographer. When I first saw the photos in this set my wife had to call me an ambulance…

Then there’s Patrick Smith. Don’t visit his site unless you have passed a rigorous physical and mental exam within the past thirty days. Viewing his best shots has killed more than a dozen mediocre Flickr photographers. He has to carry a million dollar liability insurance policy now. I’ve written about him elsewhere on this blog. My goal in life is to take just one photo as good as his worst shot. Vegas has me a 15,000 to one underdog…


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