Make no mistake, I am not an Obama Fanboy. I think his War on Terror policies are a disaster, not much better than Bush’s. The cobbled together health care reform was weak beer. His deference to “bi-partisanship” in the face of Republican stonewalling has been painful to watch. Somewhere in the White House (or the FBI –  CIA?) there’s a modest stack of emails from me blasting Obama’s policies.

I knew he wasn’t really a liberal. For one thing, liberals don’t get elected President. Even FDR was only pushed into liberal territory by the deepening crisis of world depression (he ran in 1932 on a pledge to balance the budget) .  Like Clinton before him, Obama is a cautious centrist who only rarely moves to the left (when he’s not running for election).


Obama’s the best we’ve got. Compared to the dimness of Romney, Santorum, Gingritch, et al., he’s a towering beacon of light. Faced with frightening financial chaos in the beginning, and the resulting severe recession, he’s done moderately well. His judicial nominations have been reasonable, his respect for (domestic) civil rights has been commendable. Despite its many flaws, Obamacare has improved health care.

So its a no brainer I’ll vote for him again. Sadly, as a liberal resident in an increasingly red state, my vote will count for naught.

In the past, in this religious “tea party” Republican enclave I live in, I tended to keep a low profile. I’d ignore the ridiculous comments folks made about Obama. You think he’s a socialist Muslim born in Kenya and he has a secret agenda to take away your guns and freedoms? OK, I’m not going to comment…

Not any more…

Friday I stopped into my favorite sub shop, intent on consuming a wonderfully sinful sandwhich. So, I’m second in line at the cash register waiting to order when I hear the following:

Woman behind Counter to man in front of me: You hear about the reason for the delay in us getting tax refunds?

Man: No. What about it?

WbC: It was just on the TV. It was Obama. He’s the reason the refunds were delayed. 

Man: Yeah?

In the past I would have just ignored this colloquy.  Not anymore. As the man in front of me moved off to wait for his food, I stepped up, gave the woman what I hoped was a withering, “Steve Jobs” glare, and snarled: “let me see if I have this straight, you actually believe that Obama called up the IRS and told them to delay sending out refund checks?”  I paused, then continued, “are you really that stupid?” I flipped the small, paper menu I had been reviewing toward her, and then concluded, in perhaps a louder voice than I intended, “I’m out of here!….” I turned my back on her, then briskly strode toward the door, feeling righteously indignant, or perhaps indignantly righteous. I’m really not sure. Whichever it was, I felt great, if still rather hungry.

A day or two before the above confrontation, I was waiting patiently at my pharmacy for one of my many medications when I heard the following exchange between a pharmacy tech and a customer who had just been told he couldn’t get some medicine or other as cheaply as he had in the past. In answer to his lack of understanding, the tech told him in a matter of fact voice: “it’s Obama; that’s why you can’t do it anymore.”

I sat there seething. Finally, when the pharmacist herself handed me my medicine, I told her I didn’t think it was the tech’s place to opine on who’s fault it was. “I’m a Democrat,” I told her, “and I don’t appreciate that kind of comment. I really doubt she knows what she’s talking about.” The pharmacist, an attractive young soft spoken blonde, just looked at me and mumbled something.

I feel so much better… My new policy is to confront anyone who makes ignorant, derogatory comments about Obama in my presence. I’m going to get right up in his  face and call him on his ridiculously stupid bullshit.

I’ll really do it. I will!

Unless, of course, he’s a potential client with a fat wallet, a cop or judge or anyone else with power to affect my legal practice, or he’s considerably younger and bigger than I am….

Photo by  Barick Obama, subject to this creative commons license 

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