I’ve been married twice. My first wedding, in 1970, was a Really Big Deal. I realized I was part of a major ritual when I saw “Welcome King – Michaels Wedding Party” on the marquee of the Holiday Inn. Gulp! We went through the whole nine yards: parties, rehearsal dinner, bachelor party, wedding breakfast, wedding, and reception. It took a year or two (or at least seemed like it).

My bride Judith had the fancy (and, I’m sure, expensive) white wedding dress with train and veil. For me, a rental tuxedo was good enough. The church was  large and the minister a middle aged, short fellow with a deep, stentorian voice of which he was overly proud. Other than my family I had very view guests on my side of the isle; the bride’s side was packed. Judith’s father was a local politician.

My second wedding, fifteen years after my first,  was relatively low key. We got married outdoors at a local landmark. My favorite judge performed the ceremony. I actually wrote a script for the entire affair; I called it A Wedding, a Ceremony in One Act. Virginia, a red headed, overly optimistic woman brave enough to take me on as a husband, wore white but it wasn’t really a wedding dress.

Of course, weddings are really for women: brides, mothers of the bride, bridesmaids, etc. After all, there isn’t a magazine called Modern Grooms, there’s never a frenetic rush of  eager grooms to bargain tuxedo sales, and no wedding showers. The only gift a groom is likely to get at his bachelor party is a horrendous hangover.


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 I could only find one Flickr group devoted only to photos of grooms.

One of my wife’s nieces began planning her wedding when she was eight years old. When her magic day arrived it was better planned and executed than a NASA rocket launch (sadly, her marriage has not gone as smoothly as its beginning).  I didn’t attend her sister’s wedding, but Virginia told me it was every bit as grand. Each wedding cost the father of the bride about forty grand…

Photo credits: top Jorge Mejía peralta, subject to this creative commons license; bottom leanhphog2001, remixed by me, remix and original subject to this creative commons license

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