Things Are Looking Up! … or Maybe Not


Photo by Tatgirl1710, subject to this creative commons license

Are things looking up? This week the unemployment rate is down; new jobs topped 200,000. Manufacturing is a bright spot. Consumer confidence is up. Democrats are cheered. Are happy days here again…?

Of course, as every reporter on cable and  broadcast TV has now declared, things could get worse, much worse. Each talking head ticked off half a dozen reasons why the struggling economy could tank again at any moment.  Those talking heads  never give us  any idea why the economy is moving up (or down). That’s too hard – and too dull. We are just given two  fifteen second clips of “experts”. One tells us things are definitely getting better and the trend will continue; the other, with a dour expression, declares the current numbers are an aberration and we are doomed to return to recession.

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