Photo by Vickie Shan, remixed by me, subject to this  creative commons license

A this very moment, across the Internet, thousands upon thousands of bloggers are writing posts reviewing 2011.” A great (horrible) year for tech (fiction/movies/television/music/canned soup/pigs…)!” Another fifty thousand are writing about “what to expect in 2012. “It will be a great (horrible) year for tech (fiction/movies/television/music/powdered milk/camels…)!”

A handful of bloggers (about 1,502) will predict the end of the world next year. 1,494 of those will have predicted the end of the world this year back last year.

75,035 bloggers will predict Obama will be re-elected;  75,001 will say he won’t. Of those, 497 will predict Michelle Bachman will be our next President; nineteen bloggers will opine our next president will come from another planet (the best guess: Neptune).

But Visions will not play the game. No sir. We prefer to end out year with yet another inane, juvenile, sniggering post about….. TITS 

Photo by Billy Warhol , remixed by me, both images subject to this creative commons license


Tit Lovers Tit Fondling Tits for TroopsBBW Tits GaloreMy Wife’s Tits Super Tits –Tit Enjoyment Harley and Tits – Sexy Women with Big TitsBlue Tit 

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