Condescending Hectoring & Bikini Babes


Think you live in a free country?

The Senate is passing a bill that would allow the President to put you in Guantanamo forever because he thinks you’re a “terrorist”. No bail. No lawyer. No Miranda warnings. No jury trial. No appeal. Bye bye baby…

Oh, and if the government thinks its too much trouble to arrest and detain you it can simply kill you (at least if you are out of the country).

Land of the free, indeed.

At least the right wing of the Republican party recognizes that insurance mandates are an unconstitutional, insidious government plot to make us all slaves…

Photo by DCSPLICER, remixed by me, subject to this creative commons license

Bikini Blondes by DCSPLICER 


 Boobs A Hanging – String Bikinis


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