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Gratuitous Sex

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Photo by Shallowend , remixed by me, both images subject to this creative commons license

18+, a Shallowend Set

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Photo by Vickie Shan, remixed by me, subject to this  creative commons license

A this very moment, across the Internet, thousands upon thousands of bloggers are writing posts reviewing 2011.” A great (horrible) year for tech (fiction/movies/television/music/canned soup/pigs…)!” Another fifty thousand are writing about “what to expect in 2012. “It will be a great (horrible) year for tech (fiction/movies/television/music/powdered milk/camels…)!”

A handful of bloggers (about 1,502) will predict the end of the world next year. 1,494 of those will have predicted the end of the world this year back last year.

75,035 bloggers will predict Obama will be re-elected;  75,001 will say he won’t. Of those, 497 will predict Michelle Bachman will be our next President; nineteen bloggers will opine our next president will come from another planet (the best guess: Neptune).

But Visions will not play the game. No sir. We prefer to end out year with yet another inane, juvenile, sniggering post about….. TITS 

Photo by Billy Warhol , remixed by me, both images subject to this creative commons license


Tit Lovers Tit Fondling Tits for TroopsBBW Tits GaloreMy Wife’s Tits Super Tits –Tit Enjoyment Harley and Tits – Sexy Women with Big TitsBlue Tit 

Redeeming  Social Value

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What a Face…

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Photo by Zurex Alexis , subject to this creative commons license


 Women Nude in Water – The Nude Swim


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TV or not TV

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Photo by Susan Adams , subject to this creative commons license

I can remember when we got our first television. It was, I think, in 1952 or 1953. It wasn’t very big and, of course, the flickering picture was in black and white. The old indian head test pattern still haunts my memory.

Dad, an engineer, spent almost as much time fiddling with the set as we did watching it. I remember his tube tester and being amazed at those  complicated glass encased wonders. Like many of my baby boom cohort, I grew up watching Howdy-Doody, Winky Dink, and then fell in love  with Annette Funicello (oh! those magnificent breasts!)

We got our first color set in 1958 (or maybe not till 1960). Wow! the World of Disney captured my heart and eyeballs. Bonanza was one of my favorites, too.

Of course, until not that long ago local TV was limited to three or four channels: NBC. CBS, ABC, and PBS. Before the ubiquity of the remote control, you seldom changed channels except between shows. You just sat on the couch and watched whatever was on.

Its a different world now. Sixteen million channels. My 42″ HD set is considered small (back in the day, a 28″ TV was considered really big). I have four remotes on my coffee table (TV, cable, DVD, Blu-ray).

And now I’ve crossed into another realm. The new HD set I purchased a month and a  half ago came with wireless internet access. It wasn’t the reason I bought the set; I figured it would be, at best, a seldom used novelty.

I was wrong.

We discovered Netflix. While the content offered is spotty, particularly when it comes to recent films (only one of the Lord of the Rings trilogy), for eight bucks a month it is well worth having. Being good left wingers, we are addicted to PBS programs. particularly those from Britain, and even more particularly mystery programs.  Netflix offers dozens of shows that feed our addiction.

I’m going to buy a  $50 Roku so my wife can watch internet TV in her bedroom on her small, non HD television.

For the first time I’m seriously considering cutting back our cable service. Between the TV, internet connection and phone, we pay about $250 per month.  That doesn’t count my $99 per month iPhone bill and the ten bucks I pay each month for mobile access to Rhapsody.

I never used to watch very much video on my computer. It’s so old it won’t run HD content and occasionally just freezes up. Now, my iPad 2 is capturing a significant share of my time. I’ve become a fan of TED and various other apps offering video or music.

To end with the inevitable cliche, it is a whole new, and unsettled, world when it comes to video. I can’t wait to see what will happen next (video transmitted directly to your retina?)

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Christmas Past

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This recent post chronicled what was one of the worst Christmases  of my life. Here’s one of the best:

It was 1977; my first wife, who had been an anthropology major in college, was working for the Park Service doing research in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park on the North Carolina side. Depending on the weather and traffic, It was a two to three hour drive from Knoxville. We’d meet on most Wednesday nights in Gatlinburg, which was about halfway, and I’d spend most weekends sharing her small house.

The week of Christmas I arrived a day or two before the holiday. Christmas Eve  it snowed, and snowed and snowed. The accumulation was at least a foot – enough to insure we were effectively prisoners in the house. Worse, we lost power. We went to bed around eight and snuggled together for warmth in her narrow, metal framed bed; the sparsely furnished room was bathed in a weak, uncertain light from three fat candles that  brought a flickering enchantment to her pale, bare shoulders, face and auburn hair. Beneath the plain blankets her body was warm and soft. We held each other in a prolonged silence until the growing desire within me led to the inevitable result.

Christmas Day dawned cold but clear. We managed to take a short, crunchy walk through the Christmas card snow. Trees around the small compound of government owned  prefab houses were draped with ribbons of shocking bright snow and the two lanes of Highway 441 were buried beneath an undisturbed white blanket.

That night we exchanged presents. I no longer remember what I gave her. I know my gifts weren’t expensive; we weren’t poor but we never had much money that wasn’t earmarked to pay the costs of living in two different places.

What made that Christmas so special was one of her gifts to me. She had laboriously filled a small hardback book of blank pages with handwritten versions of a few of my poems and short stories. I was overwhelmed. Those neat, elegant pages must have taken hours and hours of tedious writing to make.Any mistake would have ruined the project. It was most certainly one of the best presents I have ever received.

I still have that little book. In truth, the literary quality of my prose and poetry is slight. But my words, spread across the pages in her lovely handwriting, made a unique, powerful gift of love that I still cherish and whose pages still have the power to brings tears to my aging eyes even now, thirty years after our divorce.

Photo by Robert S. Donovan, subject to this creative commons license

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Odd Ends

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A typical dreary east Tennessee  Christmas Eve: overcast, damp, chilly (not cold), and no snow anywhere to be found.

I spent part of yesterday at my mega “doctor’s office” (perhaps fifty or so physicians with ancillary nurses, assistants, and more than a dozen people out front collecting money). The string of blue Christmas lights in the phlebotomy room certainly gave the needle’s jab a more festive feel. As the ultrasound tech smeared gel on my left leg and began pushing the probe painfully hard into my groin the string of sparse lights draped around the top of the small, sterile room had me dreaming of candy canes and Santa Claus. My doctor had already fled for the holidays so my appointment was with a much younger doctor. After I reluctantly revealed my profession we had a charming conversation about medical malpractice.

A Christmas miracle: Obama stands firm against the House Republicans!

I’m embarrassed by how long it’s been since I shot any original photos. My three cameras sit gathering dust on the table beside me.

I love my iPad. Photos look particularly good on the large screen (including mine, downloaded from Flickr).

If you don’t know Improv Anywhere, Google it and enjoy.

I’m starting my Christmas shopping this afternoon. It’s not my fault; I was going to get it all done yesterday until I got detoured by the need to see if I  was about to die…

Once again it appears we secularists have lost the War on Christmas. Wait till next year..,


Photo by Gubatron, subject to this creative commons license

Photo by Volgeldg, remixed by me, both images subject to this creative commons license 

Photo by Exotic Julie, remixed by me, both images subject to this creative commons license 


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Christmas Gifts

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Photo by Mario Mercea, subject to this creative commons license

Mario’s Set Outdoor


Photo by Fausto Hernandez, subject to this creative commons license

Fausto’s Set Victoria Paege


Photo by Melissa Adret , subject to this creative commons license 

 Melissa’s Set Lingerie

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