Saturday Gripe & Nude(s)


It isn’t easy being a left wing, liberal, NPR listening, New York Times reading, America hating elitist outcast in the deep red environment of east Tennessee. For every one like me there are dozens who believe Obama is a Muslim born Kenyan fiendishly dedicated to destroying our freedoms. No amount of evidence will dissuade these poor Rush Limbaugh believing folk.

Since his election Obama has said virtually nothing about gun control. He’s proposed no legislation. He’s done essentially nothing to advance the cause. Yet, the right wing fanatics are still buying up guns and ammo. The NRA accused Obama of intentionally letting firearms be shipped to Mexico as part of a plot to outlaw guns in a second term.

Obama has deported more aliens than Bush did. He’s escalated the “War on Terror” and embraced the unending detention of “terrorists” without trial. Yet the right way bloggers bleat he’s “giving away America”.

The President has proposed large cuts in entitlement programs and to the overall budget. He’s presided over a significant reduction in the government’s workforce.  Yet the Right continues to declare he’s a big spender who wants to grow the federal government.

And, of course, the majority of Americans have now forgotten who got us into the our deep recession. “George Bush? Hmm. Can’t really remember him.”

During the time I’ve been here, Maryville has grown from a sleepy small town to a bustling small city with all the ills of urban life: horrible traffic, inadequate infrastructure, and chronic budget deficits. Yet the same Good Old Boys’ network continues to cling to power. There are signs this may change, but it isn’t clear who will take over.

People here still want to post the Ten Commandments in the courthouse and pray in public schools. Still, there has been some progress. Gay students in many public schools now feel safe to come out. Blacks face less discrimination than when I first came here 37 tears ago. On the other hand, Hispanics have become the frowned upon minority and a target of police harrassment. Driving While Brown is the new Driving While Black.

Oh well…

I was contacted lately by an older woman who needed a lawyer. “I don’t want one of those redneck, church going conservative lawyers,” said declared. When I assured her I was probably the most liberal, areligious  lawyer in the county she hired me on the spot. Even better, she sent me a very nice check…


Not Obama Girl, but she’d sure get my vote whatever her politics!

Photo by Tucia , remixed by me, subject to this creative commons license

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