Apple of My Eye


Photo by Jemingway, remixed by me, subject to this creative commons license

You’ll cheer for this set by Jemingway

OK. I’m an Apple Fanboy. Here’s my embarrassingly gushy post I wrote when I got my iPhone. Wednesday night my Wife gave me my Christmas present a bit early: a 32gig 3G iPad 2. She hasn’t seen me since. I’m so sick I woke at 5:30 AM yesterday – Thanksgiving Day – in anticipation of taking my Precious to my office to sync and load IOS5 (my home computer won’t upgrade iTunes. Don’t ask).

By 11:30 she was Alive! Alive!! Of course, I needed to buy a few things – a smart cover and screen protectors. Chalk up about sixty bucks (I love how any accessories for expensive things are always grossly overpriced). Once I got home I began madly downloading apps. What’s $2 here, $3 there, $5 around the corner? There is no end to web posts touting Top 17 iPad Apps! or Best iPad Apps for Left Handed Lawyers! 

And, thanks to the glorious iCloud (is Steve Jobs up there with his iHarp?) all my iPhone apps magically appeared on my iPad, along with my contacts and calendars.

Stop! I could go on for hours, days, weeks… The only thing saving you from my ridiculous Apple babbling is my longing to be with my iBaby.

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