Dead Blog Bounce


All blogs are not created equal. I read something – somewhere – about the quick death of most blogs. According to the author, whose name I have of course forgotten, most blogs are begun in rampant enthusiasm but are soon abandoned by their creators who have either grown bored or lost their original inspiration. Now those ghostly blogs begun and orphaned ages ago litter the internet like rusty hulks sunk in a shallow sea. There must be literally hundreds of thousands of them, maybe more.

Visions has avoided the fate of so many of its sister blogs. After several years it is still pumping out banal prose and puerile erotica with sickening regularity. I must confess, however, that I have left my own trail of failed blogs. My favorite, Glimpses of the American Empire, was started as an ambitious collection of critical commentary on American politics and culture. It lasted all of nine posts.  I gave up on it because no one was reading my marvelous posts and it required a lot of tedious research.

Visions doesn’t get a lot of hits; but its just enough to keep me going. In the last thirty days its daily hit count has ranged from a high of 158 to a low of 19. Before Visions was expelled heartlessly by WordPress from its search engine for being too naughty, it averaged five to seven hundred hits a day. Oh well…


Catfishes Canned Goods Mold AnchorsThe Fake Mustache Gravel Dead Animals at their Absolute Worst!

Remixed Nude 

Photo by Swo81, remixed by me, both images subject to this creative commons license 

Swo81’s set ELIZABETH! 

Read all of VISIONS

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