Home Alone 2

We men are such little boys. My wife is in New Jersey. Her only sister had knee surgery ten days or so ago and my wife, a good sister, is nursing her till Monday.

Like a little boy left alone in the house with the cookie jar, I’m acting badly. The house is a mess; Maybe I’ll clean it before she gets home. I haven’t shaved or showered since Friday morning. I’m walking around in my dirty underwear. Oh, yes, I’m being really wicked by eating unhealthy food: whole milk, non-non-fat crackers, and – in our town’s best and most expensive restaurant – red, fatty meat and chocolate cake with enough calories and fat to clog my arteries for a month and increase my already considerable bulk by a few more pounds. Did I mention the porn?

Thank God she comes back tomorrow…


My secretary made me buy roses. Every other month or so the Rose Guy drops by our office. I usually buy a dozen (actually she does) for my wife. But Friday I didn’t have that excuse since my wife wouldn’t be home till Monday when the roses would be on their downhill slide. “You can alway photograph them,” my secretary said.

I think maybe she has a thing for the Rose Guy.

So I did. Find the set here.


Here’s a girl I’d bet is never home alone….

Photo by elena dima, remixed by me, both images subject to this creative commons license 

Lenjerie Intama, a Set by Elena 

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