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A Yen for Football

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Four images from the world of NFL football by Dan Zelazo

All photos subject to this creative commons license  

My Gallery NFL Football 

FLICKR GROUP: NFL Cheerleaders

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Bachmann Wins in Landslide!! 

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Photo by Ryan Maclean, remixed by me, both images subject to this creative commons license

A popular way to deal with despair or depression is to climb into a bottle of first rate bourbon or scotch and stay there as long as you can. While in reality such self-medication only makes things worse, it feels really good at the time. At the moment I am severely depressed about the state of the Democractic party and its chances in the 2012 election. So I’ve become intoxicated by watching the Republicans march so far to the right they’ve not only left the twenty-first century, but the twentieth as well.

In the last four years Republicans have marched straight to cuckoo land. They no longer want to take America back to 1960, they’re aiming now for 1780. Social Security? Unconstitutional ponzi scheme! Unemployment insurance? Just promotes laziness! Raise taxes on the wealthy back to Clinton levels? Will kill all the job creators!

By the way, why are Republicans so much better than Democrats in picking names. Job creators, for instance, conjures up images of noble, hardworking men and women busily building up companies merely to help provide employment for their less talented brethren. How could you ever want to burden these benevolent souls with a top marginal tax rate of 39.5%? Really, don’t they more than deserve a big reduction in the capital gains tax?

On our side, neither Obama nor congressional Democrats could ever come up with a name for health care reform that resonated with the public. Obamacare, the Republican title, stuck and is a short and derisive term for the weak, but historic, health care reform.

The recent Republican debates have been bizarre. Was Bachmann really calling for abolishing all taxes? Did Perry really want to eliminate Social Security? Did Ron Paul really want stroke victims without health insurance to be denied care? Did Rick Santorum really want to restore DADT?

The Republican audiences were even better. Over the three debates they have cheered the death penalty, letting the uninsured die, and they’ve booed a gay military man serving in Iraq (and not one candidate thanked him for his service).

Poor Rick Perry, the two best things he’s done are the establishment of HPV vaccination program and getting the law passed allowing undocumented children to attend Texas colleges. Both draw the wrath of the Tea Party. We can’t protect girls from cervical cancer; they’ll fuck like bunnies if we do! Educate innocent children? Ship ’em all back to Mexico or wherever they came from; or better yet, lock ’em all up!!!

Sadly, drinking in the GOP circus only dims my pain; it does not eliminate it. With every new piece of bad economic news my fear of political disaster for us Democrats increases. In my nightmares I imagine a Republican congress and President gleefully stripping away every progressive law passed in the past seventy-five years. DADT: back. Health care reform: gone. Social Security and Medicare: gutted. Environmental protection? Ignored. Taxes on the wealthy: slashed. Civil rights: reversed. Regulations on corporations and banks: eliminated.

Oh, God! Where’s my Jack Daniels?

These girls would be better than Prozac

Photo by Maro Mercea, remixed by me, both images subject to this creative commons license

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Sharing a Blonde with Jef

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Pompous bloviation coming later, but first, Jef Harris  and I share this firecracker blonde… 

Original and my remix both subject to this creative commons license 

Two sets by Jef: Fearless & Acima Series 

FLICKR GROUP: Ultimate Bimbo

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Lesbians! Lesbians! Lesbians!

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Photo by Pablo Hidalgo, subject to this creative commons license

One of Pablos Sets

FLICKR GROUP: Women in Uniforms

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Weird Tits of the Day!

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You do the caption 

Photo by Marc Palm , subject to this creative commons license 

Valentines Everything, a Marc Palm set

FLICKR GROUP: Tits 4 Lonely Married Men

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Gratuitous Blonde #3.14159265358979

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She’s as scrumptious as pecan pie!

Photo by Mario Mercea , remixed by me, both images subject to this creative commons license

FLICKR GROUP:  Busty Blondes Forever

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Home Alone 2

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We men are such little boys. My wife is in New Jersey. Her only sister had knee surgery ten days or so ago and my wife, a good sister, is nursing her till Monday.

Like a little boy left alone in the house with the cookie jar, I’m acting badly. The house is a mess; Maybe I’ll clean it before she gets home. I haven’t shaved or showered since Friday morning. I’m walking around in my dirty underwear. Oh, yes, I’m being really wicked by eating unhealthy food: whole milk, non-non-fat crackers, and – in our town’s best and most expensive restaurant – red, fatty meat and chocolate cake with enough calories and fat to clog my arteries for a month and increase my already considerable bulk by a few more pounds. Did I mention the porn?

Thank God she comes back tomorrow…


My secretary made me buy roses. Every other month or so the Rose Guy drops by our office. I usually buy a dozen (actually she does) for my wife. But Friday I didn’t have that excuse since my wife wouldn’t be home till Monday when the roses would be on their downhill slide. “You can alway photograph them,” my secretary said.

I think maybe she has a thing for the Rose Guy.

So I did. Find the set here.


Here’s a girl I’d bet is never home alone….

Photo by elena dima, remixed by me, both images subject to this creative commons license 

Lenjerie Intama, a Set by Elena 

FLICKR GROUP: Fantasy Lingerie

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