Peter Lik

Peter Lik is insane. His photographs are insane. He makes me want to burn my cameras. If you aren’t watching his program on the Weather Channel you are missing a master class in landscape photography. I actually saw him take one of the photos in this gallery last night.

Lik said last night his keys to photography are light, composition and imagination. He could have easily added hard work. He is obsessed with getting just the right shot. In last night’s episode, shot in the Pacific  northwest, he  climbed a mountain trying  to get a shot (only to turn back in the teeth of a storm), waded hip deep in snarling surf  while being pelted with stinging rain, and traveled hundreds of miles hunting the perfect light.

Here’s an ongoing Flickr discussion of Lik’s techniques and skill. Well, after reading as few pages I see there are lots of sneering posts trashing Lik and his work. His work is “boring”, he uses tricks in post processing, he’s just able to get great shots because he has time and money, there are scads of photographers on Flickr just as good… There may be photographers on Flickr in Lik’s class but they are few in number (once again I tout Patrick Smith…)



photo by Silverxraven, subject to this creative commons license


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