Slatternly Sunday

Photo by Stinkie Pinkie, altered by me, subject to a creative commons license

Second cup of coffee…

I started a blog a year or so ago called Glimpses of the American Empire. It consisted mainly of brief commentary on the manifestations of American culture both here and abroad with appropriate links. It averaged almost half a hit a week so I lost interest in continuing it. The idea still appeals to me. We, in America, just take our nation’s status as the Colossus of the Age as a given. We live blissfully blind in the big cloud that hovers over the rest of the world. Our cloud looks black to some, white to others, and gray to the rest of the world.

We can imagine it no other way. We are first century Rome, fifteenth century Spain, or nineteenth century Britain. Ours is a destiny that is manifest, a power blessed by God. Ours is the natural order of things. Why should others, those multitudes of multihued foreigners, doubt it any more than we?

OK, so that was a little heavy. Sorry, but here at VISIONS we pitifully strive now and again to rise above our slatternly nature of sniggering smuttiness and aim for lofty pontification. A miss is a good as a mile.

Speaking of Slatterns, if debauched women are your thing, here are some Flickr groups you might like:


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