Impoverished Nudes

I was as pleased as everyone else at the way our marvelous Congress came together in a show of heartwarming bipartisanship to raise the debt ceiling and protect our “job creators” from being further burdened with job killing taxes. Thank God Congress did not close the loophole allowing owners of private jets to depreciate their planes over just five years. Just imagine the way that would have devastated our economy! Hopefully, our political leaders can now get on to the necessary job of cutting taxes for those affluent heroes of our economy while gutting saving Social Security and Medicare.

OK, I’m bitter. Raving mad bitter. Sending outrageous emails to the President bitter.

What a farce.

And its only going to get worse. The economy isn’t going to rebound; I suspect it will slip back into recession. The Republicans, led by their mindless Tea Party vanguard, will capture the Senate and quite possibly the White House. The decline of this once great nation will accelerate and life for the middle and lower classes will worsen while the rich get richer. But, hey, the private jet manufacturers will thrive…

It’s already happening. These poor girls can’t even afford clothes…

Photo credits: Left: Djuliette (photo); right: Luca Rubbi (photo); Both subject to a creative commons license

Flickr Group: The Nudes in Black & White & Sepia

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