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Back in (My) Day…

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The first pictorial erotica I encountered as a child were old style pin-up photos and drawings. Even today I find those rather tame images quite arousing. Here’s a set I found on Flickr which offer photos reminiscent of those naughty pictures of yore…



Photos by Bitch von Kicz

All’s Well that Ends Well

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A photo celebrating the end of the month…

All photos by Smokeylives, subject to a creative commons license 

Smokeylives smokin’ hot set: EllisaHoney

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Oh Canada…

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Given the way the fanatical Tea Partiers are trashing this country I’ve revived my “I’ll move to Canada” fantasies I last entertained in 1968. Then, frankly, I didn’t want to die in a stupid war I didn’t believe in. Now I don’t want to live in a country that shreds Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other programs for the poor and middle class while granting the rich more and more largesse.

On the other hand it gets really cold in Canada, I don’t like hockey, can’t speak French, and find their football unbearably silly…

During my Flickr safari this morning I did find one Canadian photographer whose work is full of Canada’s beauty. He’s Pierre Noel de Tilly.  Here’s his excellent website.

This large set, shows off his skill as a photographer and the beauty of the Iles de la Madeleine. I had no idea where these islands were; here’s a part of the Wikipedia entry:

The Magdalen Islands (FrenchÎles de la Madeleine) form a small archipelago in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence with a land area of 205.53 square kilometres (79.36 sq mi). Though closer to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, the islands form part of the Canadian province of Quebec.
Here’s a photo by Northern Bird 8. taken in the islands, subject to a creative commons license 

Flickr groups: Canadian Maritime Photography, Iles de la Madeleine (nature), Iles de la Madeleine

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Home Alone

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Ordinarily grand political debates don’t have much immediate  impact on us regular folks. I was happy DADT was repealed, but it didn’t change my life. Health care reform hasn’t altered how I live my life. Even the black holes of Iraq and Afghanistan haven’t forced me to do anything differently.

But now…

Will our Social Security checks come?? If the debt ceiling isn’t raised they just might not. Where did we put the dog food…?

My wife is in Chicago this weekend. If she didn’t read this blog from time to time, I’d tell you how I’ve used my free time. Actually, I probably wouldn’t; it’s been that dull.

I’d bet big bucks this girl’s life is a lot more exciting than mine 

Photo by SuicideGirls, altered by me, subject to a creative commons license

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Nakedly Suicidal Ladies

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Photo by SuicideGirls, altered by me, subject to a creative commons license

If you like pretty, near naked girls then SuicideGirls is just the place for you. With over 3,500 photos of luscious young, sexy ladies, it is truly a one stop shopping site for blonde, brunette and redheaded beauties. Heres how the site describes itself:

Suicide Girls is a ontemporary lifestyle brand. Combining the DIY attitude of underground culture with a vibrant, sex positive community of women (and men), the company was founded on the belief that creativity, personality and intelligence are not incompatible with sexy, compelling entertainment, and millions of people agree. The site mixes the smarts, enthusiasm and DIY attitude of the best music and alternative culture sites with an unapologetic, grassroots approach to sexuality.  

The best part, for VISIONS, is, as far as we can tell, every single SuicideGirl photo is subject to the most generous creative commons license. A godsend for our slothful editorial staff.

A giant set (1110 photos) of nudes  

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It’s (maybe) the LAW!!

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Photo by Niamor83 , subject to a creative commons license

Legal odds  and ends:

The ongoing war between cops and photographers continues. What amazes me is that the  police continuing their assault even though the law is just about always on the side of photographers.

The city fathers of Ft. Lauderdale think they can ban photography in public ares of the city by fiat. A judged disagreed. The Port Authority in New York has banned photos of its trains. A lawsuit is coming.

In the world of copyright, a court  has ruled a graffiti artist’s stencil of a photograph is a violation of the photographer’s  copyright. Duh.

In a closer case, a federal court ruled  against a well known painter for his use of several of the plaintiff’s photographer’s shots in his paintings.

It’s not a good idea to  use – without permission – an iconic photo in your Tony winning Broadway musical.

There is no more difficult job in photography than shooting weddings. A photographer has little or no control of the shoot, is on a tight schedule and is under pressure to preserve her clients’ special day in appealing photographs. Here’s what can happen to a hapless shooter who isn’t up to the job. It probably isn’t the best idea to post a photo of the bride in her underwear on your website.

Unless agreed otherwise, a photographer normally retains the copyright in photographs he takes for someone else. This is elementary. But its also elementary that companies try to shaft photographers.

Sometimes it is a very bad idea to try to cash in on your copyright, even if the law’s on your side.

Nobody likes the paparazzi, but you can’t just beat them up for taking your photo; but the poor guys get assaulted all the time.

While you may photograph what you see that’s public, that doesn’t mean you can publish your photo or use it commercially if your subject is a copyrighted public sculpture.

A right wing blogger expresses contempt for a Flickr photographer’s  take down notice.

A museum prohibits photography of its works of art. Can you photograph – and  post to Flickr -your photo of that adorable Renoir? Better not!

 This photo should be illegalPhoto of Annie Stoner, subject to a creative commons license

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Annie’s sizzling set of herself in the nude

Saturday Late Nite Smut (7/23/11)

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Photo by Poul Costinsky, altered by me, subject to a creative commons license

A dozen smutty sets from some of  Flickr’s kinkiest photographers…

Peter Photo – Canon Fodder – ESD Fairlane

Nodakphoto – BBB888 – Huitgalerie – VK Photography

mrXavier – Kraftgenie – – Rope Marks / Bob

 Cryptographer (hardcore)

You must be a Flickr member with safe search OFF to see most of the photos in these sets. 
Photo by Anna Piovani , altered by me, subject to a creative commons license

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