I Hate These Guys…

Since I’m not shooting at the moment (too hot and a bit of burnout…) While listening to Vivaldi’s oboe concerti, I reposted five of my most popular photos on Flickr this morning. “Yes,” I said to myself smugly, “these shots are fine compositions.” As I sipped my lukewarm coffee I puffed up with pride. “I may not be the world’s best photographer but I’m pretty damn good…

Then I found these guys and my pride deflated like a ruptured birthday balloon… 


Here’s his set of his most faved. Most of them have been faved more than most of mine have been hit. This remarkable landscape boasts over 72,000 views and has been faved a thousand times.

This quote from Ben’s Flickr profile page hints at why so many of his photographs shine:

Making photo’s is one thing, editing is the other.  Control both and perfect picture will become in range. Recently I notice that perfection is boring. I think photography is about the beauty of imperfection. Maybe one should strive to perfection of imperfection.


Each of the seven outrageously gorgeous photos in Algo’s set of his most faved will make you cry out in delight. His entire photostream is studded with wonderful photographs. I particularly enjoyed his set of magical sunbeam and rainbow photos.

Apparently someone in the past was critical of Algo’s photos as just being eye candy. Here’s his thoughtful responses…

It’s a question I never dreamed of asking: I see what I like and press the button. So when someone called me a peddler of “Eye Candy”, obviously meant in a derogatory way, I thought-Yes – that’s a label I’ll wear with pride. But hold on – Candy? Did I want to be associated with something that should be taken in small quantities, and is probably bad for you? So I cast around for an alternative. Eye Pleasuring? Eye Nourishment? Eye ….? And then Eye Delight occurred and it has grown on me.


If ALGO’s photos are eye candy, then Zack’s might be eye crack. I wouldn’t be surprised if next to the dictionary definition of insanely beautiful landscape you’ll find one of his shots. His set Forty Faves will leave you giddy and out of breath.

Here’s Zack’s description of his love of nature and landscape photography…

I seek out locations ….. to experience true wilderness, away from crowds, cities, and the stress of everyday life. Visiting these wild areas is a form of meditations for me, where I get to completely relax and appreciate the incredible beauty of nature. I try to convey the emotion I was feeling, and the sense of wonder I have when I see such beauty in nature. That expression through my images, is what photography, and art in general is all about for me.

Read all of VISIONS

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