“Evil” Erotic Artist of the Week (6/4/11)

MaleficusV, an English photographer, tells us in his profile he’s no pro:

I am certainly not a pro photographer, just an amateur who enjoys photography and challenging himself. I prefer to use only what’s there. None of my photos were taken in a studio or with the use of flash or extra lighting. The challenge is to make due with what there is.

The pictures on this page are all about erotica. I want my images to be erotic and witty at times. You will not see anything crude or hardcore on here. Less is more and suggestion is everything!

After viewing many of his photos, I might well take issue with his claim of amateur status; they are that good. Visit any of his numbered sets (01, 06, 11, and 12, for example)  and you’ll quickly see his skill. Mixing black and white with bits of color has become something of cliche, but MalificusV uses the technique cleverly.

Sadly, MaleficusV hasn’t posted in over a year... Here’s his website.

Photo by MalificusV subject to a creative commons licens

Today’s gratuitous blonde…

Photo by Mariano Luchini, subject to a creative commons license.

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